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An Online Absence Tracker for the Modern Workplace

All Hours is a cloud-based absence tracker that enables you to efficiently manage, approve, and track absences from any device. It’s ideal for small and large companies in all industries, and it can automatically track employee work hours and absences for you.

  • Easy to use and reduces administration 
  • Time-off accruals
  • Real-time reports on who is absent
  • Absence analytics and trends

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Why use an online absence tracker?

Once you start using a reliable and transparent absence tracker, the frequency of unnecessary absences usually drops. And that’s not all, there are many other benefits of an online absence-tracker:

  • Less time spent on booking and managing absences
  • Better self-organization of your employees
  • Fewer chances of errors or of records getting lost
  • Easier staff and vacation scheduling
  • Fewer absences and handy HR (absence) analytics

All Hours: everything you were looking for in an absence tracker

All Hours is a user-friendly absence tracker that helps you to reduce the time and costs associated with leave management. It currently has 5,000+ users in organizations of all sizes.

Track all types of absences

Track all types of absences

With All Hours you can easily track all types of absences, including annual leave, sick leave, public holidays, private or unpaid leave, or the usage of surplus hours. 

Absence types can be completely customized and counted in days or hours as paid or unpaid time, making it easy to track work done from home and other types of remote work.

  • Paid and unpaid absence status
  • Set up different rules for different employees
  • Track remote work 

Calendar view of all absences for easier staff management

Calendar view of all absences for easier staff management

The Calendar view option gives management a bird’s-eye view of all absences, planned leave, and holidays so your managers can organise ahead of time and are never shorthanded due to overbooking of vacation.

  • Visual representation of absences
  • A great help in decision making and absence planning
  • Sync with your calendar (coming soon)

Absence reports and absence trends

Absence reports and absence trends

Vacation balances, deviations, and other statistics are always on hand. Having a better overview of all planned absences also helps provide more accurate workforce scheduling.

  • Create reports tailored to your needs
  • Check for absence trends and anomalies 

More complex cases?
Consider them covered.

The All Hours online time clock encourages the growth of your company, and can support even the most complex time and attendance cases. You can set up different rules for different teams, delegate approvals, and set up who can access specific data.

All Hours: a smart absence tracker employees and managers love to use

All Hours is a smart absence tracker that helps you to automate core HR functions and reduce the hassle of absence management. 

Configurable absence types and workflows

Configurable absence types and workflows

With All Hours, you can create and manage different types of absences, set different approval workflows, and specify who must approve absence requests. Approval rights can be delegated to heads of departments by the administrator. 

  • Managers approve requests from assigned departments
  • Upper managers approve the requests of department managers
  • Different types of users with different access rights

Absence approvals with notifications

Absence approvals with notifications

The approval process is fast, and the result is clear and visible to everyone involved. Administrators get an email notification when a new absence request is made, and the employees are notified when their absence request is approved or rejected. 

  • No more endless email chains
  • Fast absence-approvals
  • Transparent history of approvals

Absence reports for automatic payroll processing

Absence reports for automatic payroll processing

All Hours automatically includes and calculates all absences into your payroll reports, making the payroll process quick and painless. Absence reports can be exported in CSV or Excel format.

  • Reduce administration
  • Automate payroll processing
  • Customizable exports

All Hours’ absence tracker is used in all major industries

All Hours’ absence tracker is used in all major industries
Professional services
All major sectors
All Hours is much more than just an absence tracker

All Hours is much more than just an absence tracker

All Hours is much more than just an absence tracker. It’s a full time-and-attendance solution that simplifies clocking in and out, helps to automate the payroll process, minimizes compliance risk, raises productivity, and lowers labor costs.

  • Complete time & attendance cloud-based solution
  • User-friendly absence tracker 
  • Clock-in system 
  • Appropriate for companies of all sizes

What our customers are saying

All Hours is easy to use, straightforward, and very handy. My employees find it as a handy solution for registering working hours, no matter where they are. On my side of things, calculating wages has become a breeze.

David S., Managing Director

All Hours is accessible from anywhere. It’s user-friendly and has different modes of clocking in and out which is very convenient especially on mobile phones. We also use All Hours to track working locations of employees. And the customer support is very patient and vigilant.

Walled M., Accounting Manager

All Hours functionalities cover our entire employee spectrum – administrative staff, off-site maintenance team, and sales team. The mobile application is of the greatest importance to us as it enables us to easily track off-site work hours.

Srecko V., Managing Director

I would recommend All Hours for its usefulness, convenience, and simplicity. I am especially happy with the quick help from the support team. We regularly use All Hours excel exports to prepare wages.

Slavi P., Business Rep

All Hours is terrific. Very convenient, efficient, and great way to easily keep track of employees’ hours. It solved the tedious compilation of hours for payroll.

Lisa P, Office Manager

All Hours is a friendly and easy-to-use check-in/out solution. It was very easy to set up All Hours and train the team. The solution comes with geofencing and Bluetooth beacon check-in options, plus you can check in using Andriod, iPhones, Web, and other options.

Maan A., IT Portfolio Manager

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