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Covid Shield and Low-Touch Economy

Low Touch Economy

Covid-19 is an evident breaking point which has hit worldwide and affected every one of us. China was being faced with the epidemic two months before any other country was, while the first SARS virus is still a vivid memory for some. To observe the concepts of fighting against the virus and learn by experience is a valuable training for the global population and economy. Furthermore, every business owner as well as every individual needs to carefully think things through and find the solution to come out as a winner. People are in different situations, and for those who not only strive to survive the pandemic but want to make their business thrive and grow even during the economic collapse, things are even more challenging.

Statistics on past global crises show that only 10% of the companies that were challenged with economic breakdowns managed to escape the collapse. What happens most of the time is that they need to change the direction of their ship and navigate to a new blue ocean. Each industry and market have their own specifics; however, there are some principles of crisis management that can be efficiently used when managing companies in times of social and economic changes that we are facing right now. Together, we can win!

Low Touch Economy

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In our perspective, this huge tsunami is approaching from far away and we need to use the right tools to build protective shields and preserve our business growth. Taken from this point of view, we are happy to be able to help other companies implement these protective tools. There are some tools and solutions available to a business community that I would like to further discuss.

Work from Home

More than ever before, employees are able to work from anywhere, even from the comfort of their homes. This new experience will inevitably lead to greater acceptance and more wide-spread implementation of mobile workplaces and flexible working hours. However, this also poses some technical issues to the companies. Post-Covid-19 workforce management software will have to offer self-service and mobile apps with a learning curve of almost zero. To achieve this, offer your employees an intuitive and user-friendly application. 

One thing is certain: our society and the way we live and work together will change, and our solutions must reflect this change to support companies in their efforts to remain competitive in the 'new normal'.

Spica Cloud Mobile solutions for:

Work on the Company Premises

However, there are companies that just cannot afford to let their workforce work from home. Their employees do not only need a computer for their daily jobs – they are also tightly connected with other operation assets on the company premises. Their tasks are either service-oriented or specific tasks in the manufacturing process. Or they are first-line doctors and nurses with a very stressful job and work schedule. Furthermore, in logistics and transport services, delivery men and warehouse pickers still need to come at work every day as the world cannot be just shouted down – we do not want it either. Pharmaceutical companies have their production in high intensity and flow as well. For those who cannot avoid crowded places and their primary working environment due to the nature of their work processes, Spica prepared some ready-to-use protection solutions to minimize the possibility to get in contact with Covid-19.

  • Dynamic Scheduling to plan workforce on demand
  • Spica Mobile Access to avoid contacts and for an easy identity management
  • Visitor announcement to avoid crowds at the front desk
  • Face recognition integration to clock your time and access area touchless
  • People-in-Room Counter to limit the number of people entering the area
  • Integration with thermal cameras and mask detection to protect the area from Covid-19

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