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Drive engagement and productivity with absence management

Drive engagement and productivity with absence management

Business processes of the 21th century require streamlined everyday operations. Competition is harsh, customers demand lower prices, and labour costs are optimised down to a cent.

Therefore, no workforce management platform can disregard absence management, especially with unplanned, frequent and short absences that typically cause disruptions in workflows and errors in the payroll.

Absence management lowers the probability of payroll errors by 7 %

The Workforce Management Study conducted by the Aptitude Software revealed that the probability of payroll errors in companies with automated time and attendance management and absence management solutions is 7 % lower than in companies that process this data manually. The number may seem low, but this is only the first snowball of the massive avalanche.

Automate payroll data preparation

Imagine receiving a too low salary due to a payroll error?! You are bad-tempered, you lose motivation and enthusiasm for work, and accounting has to make corrections and cannot complete running tasks on time. Furthermore, it is often the case that disappointed employees quit their jobs, which causes additional work for the HR department who has to interview and hire new employees in basically no time. As you know, this is a demanding and expensive process.

What about implementing an advanced time and attendance management solution?

Despite living in the era of smart devices and high-tech solutions, the majority of companies still track time and attendance manually and make scheduling in large paper timesheets. What is the outcome? Errors, additional costs, and often also the non compliance with complex labor laws.

Schedule your workforce according to real needs

As of 2020, companies in the EU are bound to implement time and attendance management solutions which log audit trails for all registrations and data manipulations. The employers have to follow the rules on the limitation of maximum overtime hours and mandatory minimum rest break. The monthly report should represent the precise outcome of the actual hours spent at work.

High performance time and attendance management solutions, such as Time&Space, do not offer only clocking features; modules and extensions allow users to implement an advanced time off and absence management solution as well as a solution for real time scheduling in line with labor law.

Taking absence management one step ahead

Working time violations, sick leaves, vacation, and trainings are the most common reasons for employee absenteeism. As explained in the article Effects of Absenteeism on Company Productivity, Efficiency, and Profitability published in the Journal Business and Economic Research in 2018, the costs of unplanned absences may represent up to 8.7 % of all labor costs. This means that productivity decreases by about 20 %.

Interestingly, the Bradford factor analysis shows that recurring short absences have stronger negative impact on business and costs than long-term absences. Therefore, if your employee calls in sick, tell them to stay at home to fully recover. This will prove beneficial for employees as well as for your company – they will rest without guilty consciousness, and you will be able to plan according to available resources.

Advanced time and attendance management solutions, such as Time&Space Dynamic Scheduling, help you easily manage sick leaves, vacation time, and all other types of leaves. The platform allows users to individually enter their wishes for the next working period or propose changes to the existing schedule if an unplanned event occurs. Employees have the overview of their plan, realized hours, sick leaves, and remaining vacation days.

Using time and attendance solutions, absence management has never been easier. Managers can plan according to real needs, based on business demands. Furthermore, with alarms set to warn you about the regulations, you will always be able to stay with the law.

What is in it for employees?

When time and attendance system is implemented, many employees may get the feeling of mistrust and inconvenience. Maybe their lunch breaks are sometimes a few minutes too long, or maybe they tend to be one minute late in the morning. It is true, time and attendance management reveals all these little mistakes. However, if brought up for discussion, kindly tell your employees that they will benefit too: no more unpaid overwork, payroll without mistakes, and regular rest breaks should be reasons good enough to make them agree with the new system. The icing on the cake is the ability to enter their working time wishes and suggest changes to existing schedules, which makes employees active participants of the scheduling process.

What is in it for HR and managers?

Absence management helps managers and HR identify absence trends before the real problems occur. Based on the previous seasons or years, they can predict the absenteeism trends. Furthermore, these data also reflect the production levels that require more or less workers in one shift. And most importantly, they can enforce rules more consistently and control the cost, risk, and productivity issues associated with absenteeism.

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