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Smart clocking with All Hours Time Clock App

All Hours smart time clocking

Smart apps are applications that are above all meant to make your life easier. They use data from user interactions and other sources to learn and proactively deliver relevant and actionable suggestions.

This way users don’t need to think about everything, because the app does it for them. This sounds relieving, doesn’t it? Especially for such mundane activities as registering work hours, which can be (let’s be honest) a pain for everyone involved. This is why we are introducing smart clocking!

Smart features in All Hours



Remembering to clock in and out shouldn’t be something that employees need to think about every day. This really shouldn’t occupy their valuable mindspace. Besides, this way everyone forgets to clock in occasionally. What a pain for an administrator to manually enter these events!

All Hours reminds employees to clock in and out and also when their lunch break is coming to an end. If they still miss a clocking, they can enter it themselves later and it gets sent to an administrator for approval.


It happens quite often that employees click on a wrong button by mistake (for example clocking out instead of clocking in) and the entire timeline for that day is incorrect. More manual work for the poor administrator.

Smart clocking All Hours

All Hours knows which event the employee is supposed to clock next and greys out the other options. This way they can only click on the correct event, which prevents a lot of common mistakes that need to be taken care of later.


Managing vacations and sick leaves can be a lot of work for an administrator and the employees. This also shouldn’t require endless email threads and phone calls, when it can be automated so easily!

In All Hours, employees simply enter an absence request in the app. Administrators get notified about the new request and can approve or deny it with a single click. The employee gets notified about the decision and voila, you’re done.

Absence Management All Hours

Absences appear on the timeline and timesheet reports automatically. Employees can also check their remaining vacation days in the vacation counter and never again need to check this with an administrator.


When people are working from remote locations, constantly checking whether they are actually on site in time of the clocking can be a handful. So why not only allow clockings from approved locations and not worry about it ever again?

All Hours offers geofencing, which means limiting clocking to certain geolocations or Bluetooth beacons (for mobile clockings). This way, when employees are able to clock, you can be absolutely sure that they are exactly where you want them to be. You can even limit clocking to certain IP addresses.

Geofencing clocking All Hours


In this day and age nobody should be stuck with one device when trying to clock their time, right?

Here’s where cloud-based clocking comes in! With All Hours employees and administrators are able to login the app from any location and any device. They can use a time terminal at the company door, a mobile app and a web app interchangeably, assuming they have the right permissions. This way they can always use the fastest and the most convenient option and save even more time and effort!

Smart clocking aims to solve everyday challenges of administrative nature and allows employees and administrators to focus on more important tasks, like actually running your business. This is the way to go when you want to save time and valuable resources!

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