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All Hours: Time clock software for smart and easy clocking in

All Hours smart time clocking
Nina Janza
Nina Janza
6 minute read

Employing a clocking app is one of the best ways to raise productivity in a company. 

The purpose of time clock software is to enable employees to record, report, and export their time and attendance and, specifically, when and where they are at work. Such software also makes absence management, staff scheduling, and HR analytics much easier.

Smart apps, on the other hand, are applications that are above all meant to make a person’s life easier. 

By utilizing data from user interactions and other sources to learn and proactively deliver relevant and actionable suggestions, they ensure that users don’t need to overthink things because the app does the thinking for them.

Since registering work hours is a very mundane activity, good online time clock software must come in the form of a smart app which leverages all the latest technologies and automation options. 

That’s why at Spica we have developed the concept of “smart clocking” and integrated it into our time clock software All Hours, which you can try for free.

Become more efficient with All Hours - smart time clock software

Listed below are the main advantages of smart time clock software, and in particular Spica’s application, All Hours.

1. Employee reminders

Remembering to clock in and out shouldn’t be something that employees need to think about every day. 

This is something that really needn’t occupy their valuable mental bandwidth, and besides, everyone forgets to clock in occasionally, which means additional work and pain for an administrator, since these events must then be entered manually.

All Hours reminds employees to clock in and out, and also when their lunch break is coming to an end. If they still miss a clock-in, they can enter it themselves later with the use of online time clock software; either the mobile app or an online application. 

There is also the option of having the clock-in sent to an administrator for approval.


2. No more mistaken clock-in

It happens quite often that employees click on the wrong button by mistake (for example clocking out instead of clocking in) and the entire timeline for that day is incorrect. That again means more manual work for the administrator.

Our smart time clock software All Hours knows which event the employee is supposed to clock in to next and greys out the other options, which prevents a lot of common mistakes that need to be taken care of later.

Smart clocking All Hours

3. Automated absence management

Managing vacations and sick leave can be a lot of work for administrators and employees. This also shouldn’t require endless email threads and phone calls when it can be automated so easily! 

Good time clock software must provide a good absence management solution.

In All Hours, employees simply enter an absence request in the app, and administrators are then notified and can approve or deny it with a single click. The employee is then notified of the decision, and voila! you’re done.

Absences appear on the timeline and timesheet reports automatically. Employees can also check their remaining vacation days in the vacation counter and will never again need to check this with an administrator.

Absence Management All Hours

4. Geofencing and IP locks for remote workers

When people are working from remote locations, knowing whether all your employees are actually at the agreed site at the agreed time can be a handful. So why not only allow clock-ins from approved locations and never have to worry about it again?

All Hours offers geofencing, which means limiting clocking in to certain geolocations or Bluetooth beacons (for mobile clock-ins). 

This way, when employees are able to clock in, you can be absolutely sure that they are exactly where you want them to be. You can even limit clocking in to certain IP addresses.

These are just a few examples of what smart time clock software can do, but there are many other advanced features and neat functionalities that can make time & attendance easy, fun and one of the best ways to quickly improve productivity in an organization.

Geofencing clocking All Hours

Time clock software for better time tracking

All Hours provides a user-friendly time clock software solution. It’s a time and attendance solution in the cloud which works on iOS and Android mobile phones as well as basically every computer with a browser and internet connection. 

Here are some other noteworthy features of our time clock software:

1. Timesheet reports and accurate payroll

With the use of time clock software like All Hours, you can make your payroll process simpler and more accurate. The app allows you to export a customized report that fits the needs of your company, HR, or accounting needs perfectly. 

Further, by using this software, you can rid yourself of lengthy procedures and confusing timesheets in a single step. Simply set up the rules for payroll and let the app automatically collect and calculate data.

2. Hardware time clocks

All Hours is a cloud-based time & attendance solution that works with mobile phones and replaces physical terminals and cards. However, if you do still need physical terminals for any reason, All Hours comes with proprietary time clocks.

With our time clock software, you can clock in on a terminal with cards, badges, or bio-metrics. 

All Hours comes with several different types (Wi-Fi or UTP connection) of terminals, that work even during power shortages and Wi-Fi connectivity problems.


3. Powerful HR analytics

HR analytics can help managers make better decisions regarding their workforce, and time and attendance and project-time tracking reports are an important part of that. 

Success lies in knowing how your employees’ hours are spent, and HR analytics can provide management with core data about the productivity of employees. 

HR analytics is thus becoming more and more popular in data-driven companies.

HR analytics in time clock software can provide answers to questions regarding:

  • the number of hours worked per employee, 
  • overtime worked, 
  • outstanding vacation balances, 
  • number of absences for different reasons, 
  • illness by department or team and other variances by department, 
  • early birds, 
  • late comers, and much more.

4. Real time presence

Time clock software that comes with a good user experience and visual elements must provide information about real-time employee presence to management at a glance. 

Information such as the employees currently present at work, time of last registration, location of registrations, etc. provides a birds-eye-view for management of the current state of the company’s workforce.

Real time presence in time clock software also provides important information on who is missing at a particular moment and what the reason for their absence is (a business trip, lunch, sick leave, unjustifiable absence, …).

See it for yourself, try All Hours completely for free, with no credit card required.

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