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Spica's Top 5 Breakthroughs to lead us into 2021

Spica's Top 5 Breakthroughs 2021

2020 was not easy for any of us. It was a real test of (corporate) agility, resilience and adaptability. 

New work arrangements (flexitime and flexispace) and fast digital transformation on all corporate levels were the common thread of successful adaptation to the new circumstances we were faced with.

There’s no doubt that adaptation proved much more difficult in some industries than others. In some sectors the fallout from COVID-19 helped business to skyrocket (for example, video conferencing), in others, the adaptation was unfortunately almost impossible (for example tourism). However, the majority of enterprises fell somewhere in between.

At Spica, we really dedicated all of our efforts in 2020 to helping as many businesses as possible to reach higher levels of agility and hasten their digital transformation, especially in the field of efficient and smart workforce management, as well as digitalizing the core HR processes, such as time and attendance and project time tracking.

To make sure we could successfully overcome all the abrupt challenges of the COVID upheaval and help as many organizations as possible to do the same (at least in terms of having zero headaches while digitalizing their HR processes), we decided to close our ranks and focus our efforts, especially those on the global market.

That leads us to our top five breakthroughs of 2020, which we would like to share with you:

1. G2 Winter 2021 Usability Award

undefinedG2, the world’s largest software review platform, announced the leaders for their Winter 2021 Usability Awards. We are honored that SPICA and our cloud solution My Hours have been recognized as the leader on the list of the top 20 Easiest Time Tracking Software to use.  

The main factors that contribute to the outstanding overall usability score of My Hours are ease of use, ease of administration, and the adjustments made based on user requirements. This achievement can only be earned through the endorsement of world-wide users.  

2. Microsoft Partner of the Year Award

We won the prestigious Microsoft Partner of the Year Award, which is the result of our 30-year partnership with Microsoft. It has been proven that Microsoft’s and Spica’s shared values of persistency and tradition, combined with agile innovation, are a winning combination.  

With our time management solutions for working from home, part-time work, and secure remote work, we have enabled our customers in domestic, regional, and global markets to adapt quicker to the new circumstances we find ourselves faced with.

3. Certified SAP App Store Solution

SAP, the world's leading enterprise software provider, has added our officially certified Time & Space solution to the SAP App Store. That allows thousands of SAP’s users worldwide to easily order our Time & Space solution and services, or to submit a request for a demonstration and make a purchase through the SAP App Store. 

SPICA has also extended the SAP development partnership into the next decade.

4. Gartner Market Guide Top 20 Vendors

For the second year in a row, Gartner has ranked Spica and our Time & Space platform among the TOP 20 vendors in their Market Guide. 

This remarkable achievement has encouraged us to expand our offering into consulting, which can be experienced through a freshly launched international blog on our website:

5. ASMAG Security Top 50

We are one of the few companies operating in Workforce Management and Access Control, which allows us to create a unique offering at the intersection of these two fields.

We are proud to be included in the ASMAG SECURITY TOP 50 as a newcomer in the very important area of security manufacturers and suppliers, our specialization in the field being reader-less access control in the cloud. 

With our solution, users can grant access by simply sending a key link, which is a very useful feature in the new contactless economy.

And last but not least, there is our Benjamin Savsek, who once again won the title of European champion in Canoe Slalom. In addition to the individual gold medal, he also won gold with his team. 

His battle with the wild waters perfectly reflects the current COVID storm the whole world is in, which cannot be overcome with muscle alone, but requires a wealth of creativity and agility.

We wish you all the agility, resiliency, and creativity needed in 2021 to finally overcome these challenging times, so we can all leave the COVID situation behind while becoming stronger, more adaptable and more digitally mature than ever. 

All the best in the new year!

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