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Prevent buddy punching with an online time clock

Buddy punching occurs when one employee clocks in on behalf of another employee. All Hours is a time and attendance solution that prevents buddy punching, as every clock-in is recorded with the smartphone app using the employees’ time and location.

· Intuitive and easy to use
· Prevents buddy punching
· Comes with detailed analytics and reporting
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6 ways All Hours can help prevent buddy punching

All Hours comes with several advanced features and a smart algorithm that helps to prevent buddy punching and other types of time theft.

Clocking-in done with a mobile phone

Clocking-in done with a mobile phone

Clocking in and out is not done with timecards that can be easily handed to another person, but rather with the All Hours mobile app installed on a personal smartphone.

When the clocking event is registered, it logs the employees’ time and location. The mobile app is simple to use and very intuitive, so clocking in and out becomes second nature for its users.

The All Hours mobile app is free and available for iOS and Android. Create an All Hours account to geta free 14-day trial so you can test both the web and mobile app without spending a dime.

GPS coordinates for detailed location data

GPS coordinates for detailed location data

Every clocking event is accompanied by GPS coordinates. All Hours pinpoints the exact location of the event, so you know where your employees are when they start and stop working. This greatly improves transparency and also prevents buddy punching.

Geofencing and limiting clocking to specific locations

Geofencing and limiting clocking to specific locations

All Hours offers geofencing, meaning employees can only clock in and out when they are at the right location. As a system administrator, you can choose where employees can clock in on Google Maps so your employees are allowed to register their hours in the office, or any other specific location they may be working from.

Bluetooth Beacon for more precision

Bluetooth Beacon for more precision

Bluetooth beacons offer the highest precision when it comes to geofencing and location tracking. A beacon is a simple Bluetooth device placed at a specific location allowing employees to register arrivals and departures with their personal mobile phones only when they are near the beacon. 

 Real-time presence for double-checking

Real-time presence for double-checking

All Hours provides an overview of real-time presence at work. One look at the dashboard gives you exact information on who is working where at any specific moment in the day. You can easily see at what time employees departed from or arrived to work, and at which location.

With real-time presence you can do additional check-ins on who is working and who is not, and thus prevent buddy punching. Since the Presence screen can be shared with all employees, All Hours helps you create a more transparent working environment. Everyone knows who is available and where they are just by glancing at their phones.

Reminders to clock-in

Reminders to clock-in

All Hours reminds employees to clock in when they arrive to work. If employees still miss a clock-in, they can enter it themselves later with the use of the online clock-in solution. Administrators can check manually added events, but they don’t need to act on each and every one of them or enter them on behalf of the employees.

This saves your managers and employees time, prevents cheating, and builds trust. It also means timesheets are always up to date so payroll can be processed quickly and reliably, without spending hours of time entering corrections and missed events.

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What our customers are saying

All Hours is easy to use, straightforward, and very handy. My employees find it as a handy solution for registering working hours, no matter where they are. On my side of things, calculating wages has become a breeze. 

- David S., Managing Director

All Hours is accessible from anywhere. It’s user-friendly and has different modes of clocking in and out which is very convenient especially on mobile phones. We also use All Hours to track working locations of employees. And the customer support is very patient and vigilant. 

- Walled M., Accounting Manager

All Hours functionalities cover our entire employee spectrum – administrative staff, off-site maintenance team, and sales team. The mobile application is of the greatest importance to us as it enables us to easily track off-site work hours. 

- Srecko V., Managing Director

I would recommend All Hours for its usefulness, convenience, and simplicity. I am especially happy with the quick help from the support team. We regularly use All Hours excel exports to prepare wages. 

- Slavi P., Business Rep

All Hours is terrific. Very convenient, efficient, and great way to easily keep track of employees’ hours. It solved the tedious compilation of hours for payroll. 

- Lisa P, Office Manager

All Hours is a friendly and easy-to-use check-in/out solution. It was very easy to set up All Hours and train the team. The solution comes with geofencing and Bluetooth beacon check-in options, plus you can check in using Andriod, iPhones, Web, and other options.

- Maan A., IT Portfolio Manage
A modern, flexible, and smart time & attendance system

A modern, flexible, and smart time & attendance system

All Hours is a flexible and user-friendly time & attendance solution designed for a modern workplace. It supports all types of flexible and remote work and other “out-of-the office” work cases, all the while having several mechanisms in place to prevent buddy punching and other types of time theft.

The combination of terminals, and mobile and web apps creates a flexible solution suitable for small, medium, and large businesses and All Hours can be tailored to your exact needs