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Managing staff working hours

Managing hotel staff presents a unique challenge. Shift work, fluctuations in staff presence and absence, and the complexity of needs make scheduling difficult. Additionally, hotel managers must ensure compliance with labor legislation to avoid potential legal issues. Spica offers a solution specifically developed to address these challenges.

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A work shift scheduling solution

As competitive pressures mount within the hospitality industry, efficient staff scheduling emerges as a critical factor for success. Dynamic Scheduling isn't merely a software tool; it's a bespoke solution designed to streamline the process of preparing work schedules and timetables efficiently.

Effortless creation and viewing of work schedules
Compliance with legal provisions and GDPR
Overtime optimisation and reduced labour costs
Quick entry of changes and replacements
Setup and use

Setup and use

You can preset your routine schedules and working standards so that they align with legal limits and internal regulations on working hours. This ensures that when preparing the schedule, the system will automatically notify you if it doesn't comply with established rules, guaranteeing fair treatment of all employees and protecting their rights. Moreover, a number of additional functionalities is available, which you can learn more about on the link below.

Easy implementation

Easy implementation

Implementing Dynamic Scheduling is straightforward and requires only a few steps. During a workshop, the system's parameters and settings will be determined to ensure it is perfectly aligned with your business model. The setup and implementation of the solution are carried out in the presence of the client and the team of planners who will use it in their daily operations.

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