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Smart WiFi thermostat

In today's fast-paced technological environment, flexibility is paramount. The EOS smart thermostat not only addresses present needs but also paves the way for future advancements. Switching to this cutting-edge generation of thermostats requires no overhaul of current infrastructure.

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Competitive advantage

Competitive advantage

EOS is a carefully designed solution tailored to meet rigorous hotel standards and comply with energy management regulations. Its primary objective is to minimize energy usage while enhancing guest comfort. Smart HVAC control allows for easy management of room air conditioning, either through a simple-to-use app or by fully automatic operation.

Easy installation and connectivity

Easy installation and connectivity

A notable feature of the EOS thermostat is its simplicity. The streamlined design reduces installation costs and complexity, making it an appealing option for upgrading your air conditioning control system.

EOS seamlessly integrates with sensors to detect guest presence or open windows, thereby ensuring energy efficiency and savings.

Smart WiFi thermostat

It integrates an energy management system, sensor fusion, and an IoT hub into a single device, offering a plethora of additional functionalities through a cloud service.


It supports all standard wireless protocols (BLE, ZigBee, Thread, WiFi) and offers unlimited connectivity at both room and building levels. 


ConnectBsmart technology seamlessly connects various hotel devices and systems via IoT technology, eliminating the need for additional infrastructure installations.


Compatible with the majority of existing hotel installations, our system requires no construction work or new cable installations. Simply link your device to the cloud software to begin.

Raising the bar

Raising the bar

The EOS thermostat is setting new standards in energy management and room control. By blending accessibility, simplicity, and scalability, this innovative thermostat platform optimizes energy usage, reduces consumption, and enhances guest well-being in the room.

Air conditioning and lighting automation

The system includes a control panel, thermostat, fusion sensor and IoT connectivity, ensuring complete automation.

  • Cloud management
  • Motion, pressure, humidity and air quality sensors
  • Remote system control

Award-winning design

The EOS thermostat is a combination of technological innovation, intuitive user-friendly design and a casing tailored for effortless installation. Its elegant and sleek design seamlessly integrates into any interior. These exceptional qualities led to its recognition with the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. 

Unparalleled user experience

The user interface ensures effortless learning for users of all ages, making the thermostat extremely user-friendly for both guests and technical staff. Its straightforward installation facilitates quick setup and reduces errors. Cloud connectivity and the new "Over-The-Air" update option simplify maintenance tasks.

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