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Time&Space - Lunch Time: A comprehensive lunch management solution

Time&Space - Lunch Time: A comprehensive lunch management solution
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Lunch breaks play an important role in keeping employees productive, healthy and happy at work. In addition to offering meals that are good, high-quality and tasty, the lunch management system also contributes to a positive employee experience. A system that is properly supported by a software solution is also important in terms of process digitalization and efficiency.

Spica's Time&Space system is a comprehensive solution for time and attendance tracking and access control, offering a modular architecture that includes specialized modules, such as the Lunch Time module, designed specifically for efficient lunch management. This practical and useful solution has been successfully implemented by numerous companies.  

The Lunch Time module is a web-based client application that seamlessly integrates with Spica's core solution for time and attendance management, the Infozone information kiosk, and the PIF payroll module.

Lunch management solution functionalities

First, let's take a look at some of the key functionalities of the Lunch Time module:

Entering meal options for each individual day

The Lunch Time module allows lunch managers to easily enter meal options for each working day. The meal options can be changed according to the needs of the company and its employees, or pre-set for a whole week or even a month. This functionality provides a clear overview of the available meal options for employees and makes planning easier.

Each meal option includes information such as the name of the meal, description, list of allergens, designation, for example vegan, and the price of the meal (in different currencies). The application also makes it possible to edit the lunch serving periods. Certain information is mandatory, whereas the details are optional.

Choice of a meal for each individual employee

Employees have the option to choose a meal according to their personal preferences, diets or allergies. This functionality enables the individualization of meals and contributes to employee satisfaction.

It is also worth highlighting the reduction in food waste, which is a result of knowing how many people are present in the company on a given day and which menus they have chosen.

Informing restaurant employees of meal choices

Meal distributors at the restaurant are informed of the employees' menu choices via the system. This allows for the correct meals to be distributed to employees quickly and accurately, minimizing errors and reducing queues.

Making potential manual corrections when distributing meals

The Lunch Time module allows meal distributors to make manual corrections at the time of distributing a meal, if necessary. This may include changing the meal, adding extra ingredients or adapting the meal to the employee's specific requirements.

Analysis of meals distributed

Lunch managers have access to analytical data on distributed meals, which provide an overview of consumption (by number or price), the popularity of individual meals and potential problems in the process. This allows for better planning and optimization of employee meals.

Calculation of meals consumed for an overview and potential additional charges

Lunch Time module makes it possible to calculate the number of meals consumed for each individual employee, and any additional charges, if necessary. This functionality provides a detailed overview of the cost of meals and makes it easier to track the consumption of meals and take appropriate action in case of overuse or underuse of entitlements.

Different roles and rights in the lunch management solution

The Lunch Time module includes various roles that ensure the system is running smoothly:

Basic user

The basic user is the employee who uses the Lunch Time module to get an overview of their choice of meals. The user can choose their meals for the upcoming days, take a look at the available meal options and check their meal history.

The basic user can also enter any allergies or dietary restrictions that need to be taken into account when selecting meals. The basic user can also access this information on the InfoZone information kiosk.

Lunch manager

Lunch manager is responsible for entering the meals for each day. The user at this level also has an overview of the system analytics, including data on meal consumption, reservations and any special employee requests. The lunch manager can also monitor and adapt meals according to the needs of the employees and respond to any changes in eating habits.

Lunch distributor

Lunch distributor is the user who has an overview of the specific meals that should be distributed to specific employees. This role also includes the option to manually change the meal if necessary, for example if the employee has changed their mind or if there is an error in the system. The lunch distributor works with the lunch manager to ensure the correct and efficient distribution of meals.


Administrator is the user who manages the application settings, assigns the roles of lunch managers and lunch distributors to user accounts and performs other support actions. This role includes monitoring the system, editing meal designations, setting lunch serving periods, assigning specific user permissions and monitoring the application's performance. The administrator plays a key role in ensuring the successful lunch management system operation.

Key benefits of the lunch management system

The Lunch Time module offers many benefits, including:

  • Improved efficiency: Using the Lunch Time module allows companies to better plan and organize their lunch breaks, which leads to greater efficiency and a reduction in unnecessary costs. 
  • Better communication: The system ensures clear communication between employees, lunch managers and lunch distributors, and provides a better overview of the process. 
  • More flexibility: The Lunch Time module allows for flexibility in assigning roles and user permissions, while also providing special options for guests and employees in representative roles. 
  • Improved employee satisfaction: By making it easier to choose meals and displaying meal options, allergens and prices clearly, the solution improves employee satisfaction and increases their productivity. 
  • Analysis and optimization: The meal consumption reports provide an overview of the efficiency of the process, allowing for improvements and optimization of lunch costs.

We invite you to explore the possibilities of the Lunch Time module in the Time&Space solution and take advantage of all the benefits it offers to improve lunch management in your company. Our solution enables you to achieve the highest level of digitalization and efficiency that every modern business needs.

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