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Absence planer – easily plan leave while taking the absences of your colleagues into account

Absence planer – easily plan leave while taking the absences of your colleagues into account
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SPICA All Hours, our cloud-based time and attendance solution, comes with a powerful leave management system that allows you to efficiently manage, approve, and track leave requests and absences from any device. The leave management system is now enriched with a new Absence-Planner view.

With the new Absence Planner, you or your employees can easily plan and submit new absence requests while taking into account your colleagues' absences. SPICA All Hours users can quickly check which of their teammates or other employees will be absent in a given period and plan their leave accordingly. This prevents overbooking of vacations and other absences, and prevents simultaneous absence requests from employees when at least one must be present at work.

This added transparency should allow employees to plan their absences without having to check, coordinate, and plan their absences with colleagues, or coordinate all the concurrent requests with managers. The new Absence Planner can save you, your other managers, and your employees many valuable hours.

The Absence Planner is one of the many features of SPICA All Hours' leave management system, with which you can:

  • easily record all types of leave, including annual leave, sick leave, vacation days or any other type of paid or unpaid leave;
  • receive notifications and promptly manage leave requests via email or an app when a new request is submitted; employees are also notified when their request is approved or denied;
  • count different kinds of absences: absences are totally configurable and can be counted in hours or days (absences can also be set up as paid or unpaid);
  • calculate all absences and export them to your favorite ERP or payroll software so that payroll can be run quickly and easily, often in real time - and much more!


On top of that, not only can you record all absences from the office, but also for employees who work from home and do other types of remote work.

With SPICA All-Hours' and the new Absence Planner, coordinating absences across teams also becomes much easier. The Absence planner helps avoid critical dependencies, as you can always see who will be absent and when via the simple and intuitive calendar view.

The new version includes several other improvements:

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