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InfoZone – Self-service information kiosk for tracking time and attendance in real time

InfoZone – Self-service information kiosk for tracking time and attendance in real time
Blaz Kos
3 minute read

Logging, tracking and managing time and attendance is increasingly carried out via an app on a mobile device or tablet, or via a web browser on a computer. 

However, in some business environments, such as manufacturing companies or regulated service industries, the use of such devices is simply not possible or allowed.

For environments where a PC, tablet or phone are not being used yet or where this is not possible or allowed (for security and related reasons), Spica offers a solution – installing an InfoZone information kiosk. 

InfoZone is a robust touch-screen workstation that allows the users to retrieve and enter information about their time and attendance.

Business environments where an information kiosk is particularly useful include:

  • Companies where employees don't have company computers or phones.
  • Manufacturing premises with restricted use of personal devices.
  • Highly secured areas where the use of personal devices is prohibited.
  • Sterile or otherwise regulated areas where the use of personal devices is restricted, etc.

Secure information kiosk login

Users can easily log into the information kiosk using the same contactless cards that they normally use to enter the premises, clock in and out, log their lunch breaks, etc. 

Alternatively, if the company does not use cards, the user can also log in with a username and password. Additionally, a two-factor authentication requiring a PIN code can be activated.

A secure login into the information kiosk ensures kiosk use traceability, an audit trail of data entries and changes, as well a high level of security for each user. When the user is done using the kiosk, they can easily log out, or if they forget to do so, they will be logged out automatically.

The information kiosk offers a wide range of information and allows for customization

The information kiosk provides a variety of information related to time and attendance tracking. The key functionality is the possibility to view personal clocking events, which can be upgraded to feature a breakdown of logged hours by tasks, projects or jobs.

If the company is using Spica's Dynamic Scheduling solution, it is also possible to request absences and view work schedules. It is also important to note that the terminals can be customized in terms of functionality and user experience in order to meet specific customer needs. 

Which type of information would your company find most useful to record and track on such an information kiosk?


New robust Infozone hardware family

In addition to Spica's powerful Time&Space software (it is worth mentioning that the information kiosk is not a stand-alone solution, but rather a part of the extended Time&Space software), the solution also includes reliable and robust hardware. 

It comes in several versions depending on user needs.

The slim self-service kiosk is available in two configurations and can be mounted on the desk or on the floor. Both versions have elegant space-saving stands and allow for the installation of touchscreens in different sizes (15" or 22") as well as a secure installation with no visible cables.

The terminals also offer a wide range of peripheral equipment, such as EMV, MSR, bar code scanner, NFC reader and fingerprint scanner, as well as status lights.

Main benefits and more information

There are many important benefits to using an information kiosk. Aside from it being the only possible solution in some facilities as mentioned above, this type of kiosk also ensures less admin work and more responsive record keeping. The latter is particularly important. 

Updated and accurate information nowadays plays a crucial role in tracking time and attendance, ensuring both a more productive human resources management as well as accurate payroll processing.

It is also important to emphasize higher employee engagement, since the information kiosk is designed to be interactive and user-friendly and combines several modern technologies, increasing productivity in the workplace as well as ensuring automation and optimization of key processes when it comes to tracking time and attendance.

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