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Mobile reminders for Clocking-in and out

Mobile reminders for Clocking-in and out
1 minute read

In our latest SPICA All Hours mobile app update, we now offer both time- and location-based reminders so you or your employees will never again forget to clock-in or out.

  • Time-based reminders work similar to an alarm clock. You get a reminder notification at the desired time.
  • Location-based reminders have been available for a while and send you a notification when you enter or leave a certain geolocation.

If you already use SPICA All Hours, you will find Reminder settings by tapping the Profile icon in the upper left corner of the app.

If you don’t use our time and attendance cloud solution yet, we encourage you to enter a free trial.

And if you are constantly struggling with reminding your employees to clock in and out, you are kindly invited to read our guide on How to prevent employees from forgetting to clock in and out.

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