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Security management platform as a bonus

Security management platform as a bonus
2 minute read

Spica, a leading regional automatic identification specialist, based in Central Europe, is pushing into the access control mainstream with Door Cloud ( What sets Door Cloud apart from other cloud access control offerings is a built-in ultra-fast security management platform called simply Incidents.  

With notification mechanism and workflow similar to alarm management, Incidents is geared for rapid response. Because Incidents is built into the door opening mobile app, events can be reported by virtually any user as soon as they happen. Once submitted, the security event is immediately routed to the designated staff. If not answered, the event is automatically escalated and distributed further. Since the entire workflow happens on mobile phones via cloud, the response can be near real-time.  

With Incidents, Door Cloud clearly crosses the boundary of access control into the PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) territory. Not incidentally, since Spica believes that cloud-based access control provides the perfect platform for rapid response.  

Incidents as a solution is not limited to access control, or physical security. It can be used for all kinds of emergencies or irregularities that require quick attention. For example, it can be used with equal success for reporting urgent safety issues, environmental hazards, broken or damaged infrastructure and the like.  

Incidents is already available for Door Cloud users at no additional cost.  

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