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SPICA All Hours 1.30 - Step into the future of performance and scalability

SPICA All Hours 1.30 - Step into the future of performance and scalability
Categories: Time & Attendance
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We are pleased to announce the new version and transition of our cloud time and attendance solution SPICA All Hours to a new technology. 

The new backend technology provides our users with improved performance, scalability and ease of use.

With the new version also comes several new features, such as easy configuration of time policies and the ability to connect an input device (e.g., push button) to the same hardware which allows to manually open the door.

New platform for improved performance and better scalability

SPICA All Hours is now based on a new technology platform that offers faster load times, higher reliability and better scalability. This means that our users can use the service easily and efficiently. With the new platform SPICA All Hours is now prepared for continuous growth of its users.

We all want our apps to work quickly (without waiting), be reliable, and provide a decent user experience. SPICA All Hours has already excelled in these areas, but with the new version, our users can enter the future of time tracking performance and scalability.


Easily configure Time policy settings and other improvements

We have also added a new Time Policy Settings configurator that makes it easier for users to define core time policies such as paid time, schedules, required time, and lunch. The configurator has a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy to define valid days and rule values, saving administrators time and effort.

In addition to these features, we have also made several usability improvements, including searchable dropdowns, improved calendar copying, and an updated view of time policies and counters. These changes make navigating our solution smoother and clearer.

Access control improvement – open doors with a keystroke

Another interesting feature of this update is the ability to open doors with a simple keystroke. This is a great option for receptionists who want to quickly open the door for visitors.

Last but not least, we also made some bug fixes to our reports to ensure that our users get accurate and reliable data.

In summary, the latest update to our service is a big step forward in terms of performance, scalability, and ease of use. We hope our users will take advantage of these new features and improvements to streamline their workflows and get the most out of our software.

Get ready to streamline your time and attendance and take advantage of our latest updates!

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