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Spica becomes Advancis’ premium technology partner

Spica becomes Advancis’ premium technology partner
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We are delighted to announce that Spica international has become Advancis Premium Technology’s Partner after joining forces at the UNIST project in Croatia. The customer’s requirement was to use both Spica Door Cloud for managing access control and Advancis’ WinGuard system for central monitoring of security situations. The most convenient way to satisfy those needs was to connect both solutions and have one unified platform for their security operations.

With bidirectional integration between WinGuard and Spica Door Cloud, the user is fully supported during daily operations at such as monitoring visitors and other access events. Remote control of the access control devices and notification of their status in WinGuard will allow the Operator to organize these tasks easily and without mistakes, receiving notifications and being alerted to alarms automatically in order to be able to manage them via the simply defined workflow, in interaction with CCTV, intrusion and other systems.

»With Door Cloud, Spica has been at the forefront of cloud access control technology for several years, offering a true multi-tenant service and true mobility with remote door opening and smartphone card replacement. Door Cloud carries the expertise derived from 30+ years of experience and several generations of successful access control platforms. For Spica, Advancis integration is an important step towards the center of the European pool of large-scale project opportunities. We are very excited about the new prospects and look forward to working with Advancis on the most ambitious and challenging projects,« said Andrija Pušić, Product director at Spica.

More information is available in this brochure.

Partnership Advancis and Spica
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