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Spica participated in development of smart home of the future

Spica participated in development of smart home of the future
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Dom24h is the next stage in modern housing which will facilitate the increasingly important possibility of remote work and comprehensive energy and information supply for housing.

Directed by Marles Hiše Maribor, the project is the result of 12 renowned breakthrough companies from Slovenia joining forces (Marles Hiše Maribor, Petrol, Gorenje, Alples, ETI, Danfoss Trata, JUB, Helios, TBPLUS, Intectiv, Robotina, Smartis, and Špica International).

Take a virtual walk around a Dom24h house

The companies came together to develop new, technologically advanced, yet complementary solutions, which indicate a decisive shift towards sustainable, smart, connectivity-focused, user-friendly, advanced, and healthy living environments.

As a high-tech provider of time tracking and access control solutions, Špica International appointed a team of 19 employees to work on Dom24h for a period of three years.  


We developed smart home solutions for authentication, occupant access control, and project time tracking – an important metric for measuring remote work efficiency.

All three solutions are regularly enhanced and they make a significant contribution to the quality of life in a smart home. Advanced sensors and controllers can sense the presence of a person who has a smart phone with the Door Cloud app or an RFID card. Sensing occupant presence is an important piece of information which can trigger a number of advanced responses, such as raising the temperature or turning on lights. Entrance to the smart home is controlled by an advanced access control solution. The latter uses the Door Cloud mobile application and an NFC or RFID sensor to identify a person and open the door for them if they have been granted access rights. The increasing prevalence of remote work from smart homes calls for the tracking of work efficiency. This is provided by the My Hours application, which accurately tracks the time spent on each task.


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