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T&S v11.40: The Time&Space Portal (web client) with new capabilities

T&S v11.40: The Time&Space Portal (web client) with new capabilities
Categories: WorkForce Management
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We are pleased to announce the release of SPICA’s Time&Space v11.40 with several significant updates, especially for the Time&Space Portal (web client), which will make managing your workforce even easier and more efficient.
Our new update is already available, and we are sure you will like the new features and improvements. Here is the list of the most important ones:

Support for the Approval workflow

With our new support for the Approval workflow in the Time&Space Portal, managers can now accept or reject incoming requests (for leaves, overtime, business trips etc.) and users can simply add new requests. Managers can manage multiple user requests at once, streamlining the approval process.

Please note that some user functions are not available in the Time&Space Portal yet, such as sending requests on behalf of others, assigning requests, and delegating approval permissions. Also, the Approval Workflow module is required to set up all rules.

Time and attendance exception management

Time and attendance exception management feature allows managers and administrators to handle different violations, deviations and exceptions with ease. Managers can access a new calendar view in Time&Space Portal that displays the most common categories and exceptions/violations.

To help managers quickly figure out how to resolve the violations, smart hints provide comprehensive information for each day, including the selected schedule and clocked events. This feature greatly simplifies exception management.

Time and attendance scheduling

With Time&Space Portal, scheduling employee time is now easier than ever. Our new scheduling feature allows managers to access two new calendar views that show schedules or schedules and absences for the time period they choose.

Managers can change the schedules of one or more employees for the selected days with just a few clicks, streamlining the scheduling process and saving time.

Improved attendance view

We have improved the attendance view and added important information about absent and present employees. Managers can now see who is physically present, who is on a business trip or holiday, who is sick or on annual leave, and who is working from home.

Filter by presence/absence category can be additionally enabled, allowing users to be filtered out by attendance or absence categories.

Support for Microsoft Active Directory authentication

Our latest update now supports Microsoft Active Directory (AD) authentication, allowing users to log in using their domain credentials. This update simplifies the login process for users, making it easier for them to access the system and manage data.

In addition to the major updates mentioned, some minor updates and improvements have also been made.

In summary, our latest version of Time&Space 11.40 offers exciting new features and enhancements that make managing your workforce easier than ever. If you are not yet familiar with Spica's Time&Space yet: It is a reliable, scalable and proven enterprise workforce management system available as an on-prem or hybrid solution. Learn more about Time&Space here>>

If you would like to learn more, you can join us on a webinar or contact our time and attendance experts to show you the demo of the latest Time&Space solution.

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