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Workforce management software for the retail industry

Success in the retail greatly depends on the excellent workforce management. Spica’s workforce-management software can bring a whole new level of efficiency to your retail business. From mom-and-pop stores to large retailers and eCommerce businesses, many cannot imagine running their business without this solution. 

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No more tracking time and attendance in spreadsheets

Spreadsheets (Excel, Google Docs, and similar) are one of the most frequent ways that track time and attendance in retail, unfortunately, it is also extremely ineffective. Usually, an employer in retail provides a timesheet template which employees regularly fill in on their computer and then send to an administrator for payroll processing.

No more tracking time and attendance in spreadsheets

The main challenges that come with spreadsheets are:

Error-prone solution

Employees can easily make mistakes when entering data manually.

Needless administrative work 

An administrator must collect, organize, inspect and process all the spreadsheets for payroll.

File handling issues

Files can get lost, misplaced or deleted.

No HR statistics provided

An administrator must collect, organize, inspect and process all the spreadsheets for payroll.

…but this can be easily fixed
by using user friendly workforce management solution

Become more efficient by using cloud-based workforce management software

Instead of using spreadsheets (or even paper forms or online calculators), modern and productivity-prone retail employers use dedicated, cloud-based workforce management software on their mobile phone or the web. 

The switch from spreadsheets to software is quick and simple. Our consulting-support centre will take you through migration step by step and help you become a more efficient and profitable retail business.

  • No need for manual entries, everything is done automatically
  • More accuracy and fewer stolen hours
  • No need to constantly remind employees to send their timesheets in
  • Advanced reports with trends and work analytics
  • Access data in real-time when you need it
  • GDPR-compliant solution with an audit trail and backups
Schedule workforce optimally

Schedule workforce optimally

With our retail workforce management software, you can always deploy the right number of suitably qualified employees exactly where and when they are needed. You can automate the scheduling process, optimize labor costs, and provide better transparency for greater employee satisfaction.

  • Optimize shift scheduling and automate processes
  • Ensure that rosters do not overlap and avoid conflicts
  • Easily distribute rosters among employees
  • No understaffing during peak season

Quick and effortless clocking-in and out

Quick and effortless clocking-in and out

Retail employees can clock-in and out using a mobile phone, computer or hardware time terminal. Depending on your needs, you can combine all clocking-in methods at different locations. You can also automate clocking-in with proximity beacons. 

  • Clocking suggestions and similar smart features
  • Immediately detect late arrivals
  • The balance of working hours is always known
    (to you and the employee)

Real-time presence of employees at multiple locations

Real-time presence of employees at multiple locations

In retail, knowing who is working at which location at any given time is of the utmost importance. With our real-time dashboard, you can see just that and take all necessary actions for optimal staff distribution among different locations.

  • The dashboard that shows who is working and who is not
  • Know the number of employees at different locations
  • Optimize employee allocation in real-time (avoid coverage gaps…)

The retail landscapes we serve

The retail landscapes we serve

  • Markets
  • Convenience stores
  • Fashion and Luxury
  • Groceries
  • Clothing and accessories
  • Shoe stores
  • Electronics
  • Pawn shops
  • Jewelry
  • Craft stores
  • Home improvement & DIY
  • Bookstores
  • Pharmacies
  • Leisure & Entertainment
  • Pet stores
  • Flower shops
  • Gift shops
  • Sporting goods
  • E-commerce
  • Other speciality stores

More complex cases?
Consider them covered.

The Spica All Hours workforce management software for the retail industry encourages the growth of your company, and can support even the most complex time and attendance cases. You can set up different rules for different teams, delegate approvals, and set up who can access specific data.

Track and manage overtime

Track and manage overtime

Spica’s retail workforce management software automatically calculates employees’ hourly balances (on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis). Based on the hourly balance, you can manage and approve overtime, get accurate statistics, and keep costs under control.

  • Manage and approve overtime
  • Keep overtime costs under control
  • Track overtime hours for accurate payroll processing

Reduce administration and be compliant with legislation

Reduce administration and be compliant with legislation

Reduce errors and meet labour compliance regarding maximum working hours, collective regulations, or other requirements effortlessly. Prove that data in your business is handled according to GDPR regulations, whenever needed. 

  • Prevent errors regarding labour compliance
  • Digitalize and automate core HR processes
  • Be compliant with GDPR legislation when it comes to data processing

Manage leave and absences

Manage leave and absences

An important part of workforce management software for retail is managing leave and absences. With our solution, you can easily track all types of leave; including annual leave, sick leave, public holidays, private or unpaid leave, or the usage of surplus hours. In addition, you can easily approve and reject requests for vacation and other absences.

  • Quickly, easily, and transparently manage absences
  • Every request is tracked and includes a comment
  • Assure compliance with accruals

Case-studies from our happy customers in retail

''Our goal was to simplify time and attendance tracking and collecting the data for accurate payroll processing.'' Suzana Makivić, HR Director

How Clarus manages time & attendance at 34 branches and automates payroll

Clarus is the leading provider of optical supplies and the largest optical centre in Slovenia. They have 34 branches, 145 plus employees, and more than 100 brands of eyeglasses and other optical accessories. 

Clarus uses Spica at their branches for employees to clock in and out. Thus, it’s always clear if the right employees are at the right branch at the right time and who accessed a specific branch. Employees (and their managers) can always see their time and attendance analytics in their mobile app, including their paid presence, lunch breaks, overtime, and vacation days left. Accurate timesheet data can be easily exported and imported in ERP software for automated payroll processing.

+ employees
different schedules
Automated timesheets - for payroll processing

Automated timesheets - for payroll processing

Save time preparing payroll and don’t waste it on tasks that can be automated. Export timesheets into your payroll solution with one click. Customize and get detailed reports or a summary of paid hours, absences, and overtime for a given period.

  • Reduce administration
  • Automate payroll processing
  • Customizable exports

Job costing

Job costing

Using our retail workforce management software, you can easily record different activities such as cashier work, stocking shelves, arranging shop window displays, warehouse work, shipping, etc.; and know the associated costs.

  • Additional analytics of your labor costs
  • Benchmark and optimize costs
  • Make sure no time is wasted on low-value activities

COVID-19 Shield: Touch-free punching methods

COVID-19 Shield: Touch-free punching methods

The main idea of Spica’s COVID-19 shield is to prevent germs from spreading through touching different surfaces when using our clocking infrastructure. Employees can clock-in on their mobile phones to minimize queuing and contact.

  • Minimize germ spread risks 
  • Reduce absences due to illnesses 

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