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Time&Space platform

Maximize time, your most important asset!

The relations between employees and organizations are increasingly varied. The gig economy and work from home are on the rise and with it the number of mobile contractual workers and freelancers. Time&Space platform was created with an eye on the future of business. It helps you orchestrate people and their most important asset.


Transform time into value with Time &Space

While our software integration is essential for your operation, our platform enables efficient business interactions and orchestration of vital assets. It gives you a competitive edge today and prepares you for a successful tomorrow. Time&Space is a Workforce Management and Access Control platform that enables you to collect, organize, manage and optimise time and access information and turn it into a value that benefits all platform users. The Platform stack consist of three main layers: the network, the interface and the infrastructure layer.

Network Layer

Network Layer

The network layer is the top layer of Time&Space platform.
It enables platform users - managers, employees, freelancers, agencies and partners - to connect, communicate and build a community ecosystem.

An important part of this ecosystem is the Marketplace – a hub of creativity, interactions, and innovations that generate business intelligence. 
Interface Layer

Interface Layer

The interface layer is designed for smooth internal migration between modules and integration with third party systems. 
Open API interface offers several levels of integration with 3rd party applications, including ERP (SAP/MS Dynamics), HRM, Payroll and RTLS Integration Frameworks. Web APIs are plug-and-play solutions for the ultimate level of integration, for both Access control (SpaceAPI) and Time and attendance (TimeAPI).
Last but not least, we can provide BIM ready library of our modules to AEC industry in order to construct, monitor and maintain buildings throughout their lifecycle. 
Infrastructure layer

Infrastructure layer

The infrastructure layer encapsulates plug-and-play tools, services and rules that enable the users of our platform to move time and access information with maximum speed from ground level IoT through Mobile to Cloud. 
We chose world-leading infrastructure - Microsoft Azure (cloud), iOS&Android (mobile) and Linux (IoT) - that guarantees a secure, reliable and flexible development of the base level on top of which new apps are created and woven into Time&Space solutions portfolio.

How can we help you achieve your goals?

The answer is by working together towards an optimal and cost-effective solution for both of us!