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Case study

The implementation of Access Control solution to critical infrastructure over the weekend

The implementation of Access Control solution to critical infrastructure over the weekend The implementation of Access Control solution to critical infrastructure over the weekend

The Port of Koper recently replaced its existing legacy access control system with Spica’s Time&Space system. The transition was successfully completed over a single weekend.

About Port of Koper

  • 290 ha of land
  • 800.000 containers per year
  • 200 million tonnes of cargo per year
  • 7.2 km of fences
  • 12 administrative buildings
  • 8.000 daily users


In accordance with the Critical Infrastructure Act, the Port of Koper is a specially regulated and protected area. For quite a while now, the Port of Koper has been already using Spica’s Time&Space solution for monitoring working hours. For accessing their premises a third-party system was used. The latter system was outdated and had no software upgrade options, and adding new access points to ever-increasing infrastructure proved to be expensive, time-consuming, and complicated. 

In addition, long procurement periods for spare parts was also a downside. The Port of Koper wanted a modern, user-friendly system that would enable the necessary extensions and upgrades overnight. 

One of the requirements was also the possibility of adapting to a huge number of specific demands. Requirements regarding the port’s size and the intensive flow of both people and vehicles also had to be taken into account. A provider with their own custom development and excellent technical support for both software and hardware was needed. Špica, with their own development team and strong support, met all the stated requirements, including the acquisition of certificates such as ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/IEC2700:2013.


The implementation of Access Control solution over a night

“Since the implementation of Spica’s solutions, i.e. from day 1 of installation, we haven’t had any problems with the system! The Time&Space system for accessing control and logging working hours is a reliable, efficient, and robust system enabling numerous integrations and supporting both the strategic and development polices of the Port of Koper. Kudos to Spica’s development and implementation teams.”

Boris Kankaraš, Head of Port Security

The Strategic and Development Polices of the Port of Koper Supported by Time&Space

Due to the complex requirements, the implementation was divided into several phases. In the first phase, all scanners and controllers were replaced and a few additional elements were installed. The system for logging working hours was integrated with access control. In the last phase, access control was connected to the anti-burglary system supporting the operation of the alarm system. 

Due to the nature of work being done in the port, the continuous operation of access control is of vital importance, especially in sensitive cargo warehouses and other secure areas of the port. For this reason, the transition between the old and the new system had to be completed in the shortest possible time. The transition was done over the weekend by Spica’s implementation team.


Faster Entry into the Port of Koper Despite More Transparent and Safer Access Controls

One of the bottlenecks eliminated was the issuance and renewal of entry permits. Prior to that, the staff of the Port of Koper issued each permit separately. The new solution enabled a simpler batch arrangement of issuing permits. In addition, online announcements for trucks and automated driver-vehicle matching can be pointed out.


Spica team in the Port of Koper