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Case study

How a clinic improved its productivity with digital transformation

How a clinic improved its productivity with digital transformation How a clinic improved its productivity with digital transformation

Solution: SPICA All Hours


  • Why SPICA All Hours is loved by medical staff
  • Before and after introducing the Spica’s solution
  • How the data from SPICA All Hours will be leveraged even better in the future


  • Industry: medicine
  • Company size: medium-sized (among the larger private clinics in Croatia)
  • Number of employees: approx. 100
  • Special features: International Medical Travel Journal’s Award for Best International Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

About Poliklinika Bagatin: Plastic surgery, dentistry, dermatology and cosmetology

The Poliklinika Bagatin polyclinic was founded back in 1995 as a private practice for maxillofacial surgery by Prof. Dr. Sc. Marijo Bagatin, a world-renowned maxillofacial and plastic surgeon. A few years later, in 2002, Prof. Dr. Sc. Marijo Bagatin, Dr. Dinko Bagatin and Dr. Tomica Bagatin established Poliklinika Bagatin. Currently, there are two clinics in Zagreb and one in Split, as well as a fourth location for support services.

In addition to general medical services, the Bagatin polyclinic also offers plastic surgery, cosmetology, dentistry and dermatology services. Plastic surgery comprises the largest part of their work, as both Tomica and Dinko Bagatin are surgeons. The clinic employs approximately 100 staff members, with around 80 being full-time employees.

Annually, the polyclinic takes care of a large number of patients and other clients. Their clients primarily come from Croatia, but the clinic also attracts individuals from other countries, particularly due to medical tourism, especially in dentistry and plastic surgery.

Poliklinika Bagatin

Challenges: Complex procedure for registering and informing employees about leave  

Before the Spica solution, the Bagatin polyclinic had been using an old card and PIN system, which did not prove to be the most reliable, so the polyclinic had to decide whether to upgrade or replace it. After a testing period, they opted for the Spica solution. 

SPICA All Hours offers Geofencing, allowing employees to log in and out of the system using only the mobile app when they are within the designated location specified by administrators.  Therefore, Bagatin employees log into the system either via the app or by mobile phone while physically present within a 20-meter radius around the polyclinic.  

"There were some pushback and questions before we introduced the new system, as there always is when changes are made. After the introduction, there were no more questions," says Ante Šantić, head of IT at Bagatin Polyclinic. 

Employees can now access all the data themselves, whereas before they had to call the finance department. A team member from the department would review and communicate the annual leave data for the previous and current year. A lot of time was wasted on this process. Now, everyone can check their remaining vacation balance directly on their phone. 

"We also established calendars for planning and organizing work. Reviewing and coordinating annual leave is now much easier than before, points out Ante Šantić. Before the Spica solution, managers tracked this data via an Excel document. 

"Now, employees can monitor all the data themselves, which was previously not the case, as they had to contact the finance department for their data," explains Ante Šantić.

Solution: Managers have an excellent overview over employees and employees have access to their own data

"The Spica solution allows us to effortlessly solve instances when someone forgets to clock in. There is no need to make calls. Everything is recorded and solved in the app," says Ante Šantić.

Our work is mainly organized in shifts from 8:00 to 20:00. Nobody works more than 8 hours, and working hours are organised quite flexibly. The clinic now utilizes the Spica solution to track working hours, including the start and end of work, forming the foundation for payroll processing. Based on this data, the HR staff can now prepare payroll for all employees in a significantly shorter period compared to before.

Absence requests and the recording of staff absences are also significantly easier with the Spica solution. Managers can approve or confirm absences directly in the app. Location managers can monitor the locations of their employees at their workplaces, for example at the clinic location at the Hilton Hotel Zagreb. The owners of Bagatin polyclinic, Tomica and Dinko Bagatin, also receive a special report.

"I am satisfied with the Spica solution. It is very flexible. We can log in on our mobile phone. And the reports are very useful for managers. Everyone has positive experiences, from employees to owners. I recommend it to all companies with a larger workforce. In the future, we are planning to export data from Spica's solution to other systems as well", concludes Ante Šantić, who encountered Špica's solution during his previous job at Franck.

With the introduction of new systems such as CRM and ERP for documentation, the clinic is now in the digital transformation phase, with further upgrades, especially in the area of time and attendance planning.


  • Employees can track all their data from the timesheets on their mobile phones.
  • Finance department no longer must search for information on leave and inform employees, for example by phone.
  • Managers have an excellent overview of employees and manage absences very easily.
  • Owners receive special reports that provide them with an overview of the entire organization, spanning across the three clinic locations.
  • HR spends much less time preparing payroll.