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Case study

How Clarus manages time & attendance at 34 branches and automates payroll

How Clarus manages time & attendance at 34 branches and automates payroll How Clarus manages time & attendance at 34 branches and automates payroll
Solutions: Time and attendance
Industries: Retail

In brief

  • Simplified clocking for employees at 34 locations used together with access control.
  • 25 different automated schedules and tracking of different types of work.
  • Managers and employees have time & attendance data always at hand (working hours, holiday days…).
  • Timesheets from All Hours are used for accurate payroll processing.
  • Implementation and onboarding took less than two months.


Key facts about Clarus, the biggest optician in Slovenia

  • Industry: Retail / FCMG / eCommerce
  • 140+ employees
  • 30+ branches
  • 20+ different schedules

Meet the company and their vision

Clarus is the leading provider of optical supplies and the largest optical centre in Slovenia. The organisation consists of 34 branches, more than 145 employees, and more than 100 different brands of eyeglasses and other optical accessories. Clarus have successfully followed their vision, "Know a lot, see well and look great," for more than 30 years, and represent world-renowned brands such as Calvin Klein, Cartier, Diesel, Dior, Guess, Gucci, Police, Prada, Ray Ban, Versace and many others.

In addition, the specialists at Clarus are among the best in the field of ophthalmology in Slovenia, offering free eyesight check-ups at their stores. In modern dispensaries they offer specialist ophthalmologist and optometrist services, test visual acuity, identify any visual abnormalities and provide appropriate professional advice when choosing of prescription lenses and glasses.

The Challenge

Clarus has more than 30 branches all over the county and 25 different schedules, which calls for outstanding coordination and management of the workforce. The staff must be optimally scheduled, the various branches opened on time, and the employees must have a good overview of what their schedules are, along with their paid hours, the number of the vacation days remaining, and similar data. Another important feature they were looking for was geofencing, which ensures employees can only clock in and out when they are at the right location.

They needed a user-friendly solution that is mobile based, but powerful enough to cover the complexity of managing several branches with different scheduling needs. In addition, Clarus wanted to connect the time and attendance data with their ERP software for faster, more accurate payroll processing, and with their HR software for better workforce management.

Our goal was to simplify time and attendance tracking while collecting the data necessary for accurate payroll processing. We wanted to reduce administrative work and to provide employees with accurate time analytics, such as their working hours, overtime and vacation days remaining. Only with Spica’s All Hours were we able to meet all our time and attendance needs. Suzana Makivić, HR Director

The solution

Clarus uses Spica’s All Hours Time Clock Terminals at their branches for employees to clock in and out. In addition, employees can use All Hours’ mobile app for clocking events, which comes with geofencing features. Spica’s All Hours is also used in combination with Spica’s access control. Thus, it’s always clear to the management if the right employees are at the right branch at the right time, and who accessed a specific branch.

Managing schedules is now as easy as it gets. Employees (and their managers) can always see their time and attendance analytics in their mobile app, including their paid hours, paid absences, lunch breaks, overtime, and remaining vacation days. Managers can see real-time data on who is working at which branch at any given moment. Clarus also uses All Hours to manage absences and absence requests.

Employees are enthusiastic about using the All Hours app, since it’s easy to use and provides valuable information for employees. Using an app is much more efficient (and modern) compared with tracking hours and attendance in spreadsheets. We can’t imagine managing our workforce without Spica’s All Hours. Suzana Makivić, HR Director

All Hours supports an infinite number of schedules called Time Policies and can even automatically select the correct Time Policy based on when employees arrive at work. Clarus uses 25 different schedules with different rules that must result in accurate payroll processing. In addition, employees that work more than 70% of their shift in the afternoon must receive additional payment, which must be accounted for when tracking time and attendance. 

At the end of the month, accurate timesheet data can be easily exported and imported in the ERP software for automated payroll processing. Clarus has managed to cover all their time and attendance cases, along with automating attendance tracking and payroll processing with the use of All Hours. It’s also worth mentioning that Clarus’ accounting welcomed the automation of payroll processing, since it’s now much faster and more accurate.


The Results

  • All 34 branches now have a modern scheduling and attendance system, using a combination of time clock terminals and a mobile app that employees love to use.
  • All 25 different schedules are covered, and new ones can be easily added, and management can always know when a branch opens, along with who is working where.
  • Clarus has saved dozens of labour hours per month on accurate payroll processing.
  • Implementation and onboarding took only 2 months without any headaches for Clarus.

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