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Case study

Fast Return on Investment and Microsoft Azure - Two Reasons to Choose Spica

Fast Return on Investment and Microsoft Azure - Two Reasons to Choose Spica Fast Return on Investment and Microsoft Azure - Two Reasons to Choose Spica
Industries: IT

About ALSO Technology Ljubljana

  • Company: ALSO Technology Ljubljana, d.o.o.New owners:
  • New owners: ALSO Holding AG Industry
  • Market: information and communication technology 
  • Number of employees: 77
  • On the market: since 1998
  • Position on the market: one of the leading technology providers
  • Reseller of major global trademarks: HP, HPE, Lenovo, Microsoft, Dell EMC, etc.

The Challenge

With the company takeover and renaming of DISS d.o.o. into ALSO Technology Ljubljana d.o.o., the new branch office became one of the leading ICT service providers in Slovenia and expanded its footprint in the East European market. After the takeover, new strategic guidelines and demands on business process optimisation were set, especially demands on higher digitalisation and automation regarding internal processes and HRM. This is where All Hours by Spica was chosen as the perfect fit.

What did they want to improve?

  • replace manual hours tracking with a digital system to reduce manual labor and errors,
  • manage absences of employees,
  • establish a reliable connection between the clocking system and their HRM platform,
  • accelerate the payroll process and ensure higher data accuracy,
  • enable a simple clocking system for all workplace types, including employees who do fieldwork most of the time.


Faster business processes despite tighter control

One of the first actions that ALSO took was the implementation of an electronic clocking process that offers a real-time view of all arrivals and departures, as well as workplace attendance. Payroll automation significantly contributes to faster payroll data processing and almost completely eliminates errors. Vacations, sick leaves, and other absences are approved and managed on multiple levels, which speeds up the entire process and provides control for employees and managers. Being an advanced tech company unconditionally striving for high productivity and fast return on investment ALSO decided to implement Spica’s solution All Hours. They took advantage of the numerous benefits offered by All Hours deployed as a cloud solution in MS Azure. Two significant benefits were fast implementation as well as software on-demand instead of investing in hardware, software, and maintenance that are part of traditional on-premise solutions. Bottom line, no CAPEX costs, only OPEX costs.

Try All Hours Time and Attendance

No credit card required.

All Hours - a simple solution for strategic improvements

All Hours calculates working hours of employees according to predefined settings and logged registrations; the accounting department at ALSO Technology Ljubljana, d.o.o. only transfers reports.  The final reports on working time are customized according to their needs and include many different categories such as….. from many categories, such as paid and unpaid attendance and absence, vacation, timely arrivals and departures.

All Hours time tracking

A word from our client

"Before we decided to implement All Hours, we studied other solutions and compared prices. We have worked with Spica before, and we were satisfied with their approach. While planning this project, I was really surprised by their quick response in the pre-sales phase. First, we thoroughly examined our processes, defined the "pain points", and quickly identified what we needed and why we should choose exactly this solution. The service was implemented in one week and it functions very well." Blaž Bregar, Regional HR Business Partner
"All Hours reports are great! We use payroll reports with all categories, from registered attendance to sick leaves and other absences. The payroll process is much faster and without errors, the reports are useful for all employees ‑ they all have access to the information they need, so they no longer phone us," said Slavi Podbelšek-Pavlič, business assistant.


  • digital absence management that is easy to control,
  • a faster and more precise payroll data management process,
  • a solution with an API that provides a fast and simple Vasco integration,
  • real-time overview of employee attendance and absence,
  • simple mobile application for clocking hours in the field.

A fast and simple approval system provides a perfect managerial overview of all events waiting for approval. Managers receive e-mail notifications upon each new request, while the employee receives a notification when the request is approved or rejected.

Employees of ALSO Technology Ljubljana, d.o.o. do not have to ask other co-workers if another employee is at work or absent; it is evident who is at work and who is not at every single moment. Furthermore, they can also check if the co-worker they are looking for is on a business trip or only out for lunch. The information is just a click away.

Last but not least, if the inspector reviews their business processes, they will be happy to see that All Hours provides an audit log that uncovers data on who exported, edited, or deleted the data.

All Hours settings for working time calculations are completely customizable and can be adapted to your company. You can set the rules for:

  • lunch breaks,
  • short breaks,
  • daily plan of working hours,
  • working time,
  • mandatory working time,
  • holidays and work-free days,
  • paid absences,
  • balance of hours.

Want to know more about All Hours?

Even greater automation through the use of APIs

Given that All Hours is a cloud solution with a modern API, connecting it to other services is pretty straight forward. ALSO plans to integrate their mobile application for travel orders with the All Hours clocking system so they can measure the efficiency of business trips by customers and by employees.