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Friendly and attentive service in Four Points by Sheraton

Friendly and attentive service in Four Points by Sheraton Friendly and attentive service in Four Points by Sheraton
Industries: Hospitality

About Four Points by Sheraton Ljubljana

State-of-the art access control system in Ljubljana’s Four Points by Sheraton Hotel ensures a high level of security, privacy and quality information base for efficient PR management.

Being a member of an international hotel organization, we’ve looked for a quality access control system that meets international standards and can help us achieve our goal – to become the best four star hotel in the region,” explains Gorazd Čad, the marketing manager at Four Points by Sheraton Ljubljana.


Four Points by Sheraton Ljubljana uses Spica’s Time&Space system for employees’ time recording and access control. The system includes Time&Space software, DOG09 time recording terminals and Indala proximity readers. The employees use combined proximity/magnetic cards to access secured areas. Access control is centralized, and employees are granted or rejected access depending on pre-set criteria. Time&Space enables Four Points by Sheraton's managers to efficiently manage human resources in accordance with the occupancy of the hotel and bookings.

Security and Privacy for Guests

Access to 111 comfortable rooms and three luxurious apartments is implemented using the VingCard Classic electronic locking solution, supported by the Vision software, a reception desk application, including a multitrack encoding system and electrical locks programmer 2210 LockLink.

In addition to enhanced control, the electronic locking system simplifies the work of room maids and enables them to react faster thanks to accurate real-time information on room occupancy provided by the reception desk.

The time recording and access control systems are part of the hotel’s supporting environment that must operate smoothly and discreetly. Spica’s solution has been in use for more than half a year now and we have not spotted any difficulties so far,” says Čad.

Guests’ security is ensured through the use of unique cards that eliminate the need to replace the lock or issue a new key when one is lost. Each room has a central switch with a slot for the key card that turns on the power on entering the room. This has reduced electricity use by 30 to 40 percent on average. VingCard’s system of autonomous remote access controllers is used to monitor access to the restaurant, fitness center and the elevator. Guests use the magnetic card issued at the reception desk to enter all access-controlled areas in the hotel. In addition to guest data, the card can include graphic elements, for example, the hotel’s logo, the logo of the event taking place in the congress center or the guest’s photo. To print these data, Four Points by Sheraton Ljubljana uses Fargo DHP 825 printer.

Spica’s Time&Space, a time management and access control solution and VingCard’s electronic locking system are both integrated with the hotel’s business system. This ensures timely exchange of information among various services within the hotel. For high security events, a combined use of Spica’s and VingCard’s access control systems ensures full access control, enabling easy control of passages between individual rooms and floors.

Electronic locks take security to a higher level, especially protection against thefts, and enable efficient management of the work of room maids and security guards,” explains Čad.

With a View to Enhancement

Friendly and attentive service is a core value at Four Points by Sheraton Ljubljana. To be able to achieve this goal, they strive to simplify access to hotel facilities and services. Speaking of future plans, Mr Čad explains: “We plan to extend the application of magnetic cards soon and to use them for payments in the restaurant, payment of other supporting services, and for access to shared rooms.” By linking existent systems, Four Points by Sheraton will be able to gather information on guests’ habits with a view to enhancing its PR management and further improving the quality of services.

A word from our client

Information about visitors to our congress hall is useless if it cannot be integrated with our CRM system,” explains Čad. “Spica International is one among rare companies in Slovenia that can help us to achieve this goal.”