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Case study

Spica's solution is perfect for monitoring field work

Spica's solution is perfect for monitoring field work Spica's solution is perfect for monitoring field work

Solution: SPICA All Hours


  • How can Spica's solution be used to better organize field work?
  • How does Spica All Hours help Ivas Group retain employees?
  • How does Spica's solution help a Croatian company negotiate prices with its customers?


Ivas Group

  • Sector: technical support for large events in the field of audio-visual technology
  • Company size: small (but among the three largest Croatian companies in this sector)
  • Number of employees: 35 (up to 50 additional temporary freelancers during the season)

About Ivas Group: Partnered with global brands

Ivas Group specializes in providing technical support for large events in Croatia as well as across Europe and the United States. Their focus includes temporary prefabricated constructions (mobile stages, stage roofs, solid structures and load-bearing systems), sound systems (ranging from small ones to the largest ones in this part of Europe), video screens and related video equipment, and professional lighting solutions.


The employees at Ivas Group are divided into four departments: field workers, warehouse workers, drivers and administrative staff. Some specialize in providing support for concerts, while others focus on television broadcasts. Their expertise extends to various types of productions, including music, sports, fashion, corporate events, and TV broadcasts.


The company boasts an impressive portfolio of past projects, including well-known TV productions such as Dancing with the Stars, MasterChef, Mask Singer, and Supertalent, as well as concerts of internationally acclaimed and local artists, including Dino Merlin, Zdravko Čolić, Severina, Eros Ramazzoti, Enrique Iglesias, Imagine Dragons, DJ Tiësto, and many more.

The company also specializes in producing exclusive events for high-profile clients at elite locations in the south of France (Monte Carlo), the south of Italy (Sardinia and Rome), and along the Spanish coast (Ibiza).

In the realm of sporting events, the company has provided support for prestigious competitions such as the CroRace cycling races and the Davis Cup tennis finals. For several years, they have been integral members of the executive technical team for the Sljeme Ski World Cup competitions, and they also contributed to various combat sports projects, ranging from UFC and K1 promotions to smaller local events.


"One of our most interesting projects in recent months has been the Luxembourg's national Eurovision Song Contest selection for RTL,"

says General Manager Nikša Madirazza.

Ivas Group is also the sole certified partner of PRG Alliance in the region, which is a remarkable achievement as PRG is the world's largest technical support network for all types of events. Renowned for their unwavering attention to detail and robust internal processes, it has earned the trust to handle the most technically complex projects, including Super Bowl halftime performances.

Thanks to its dedication to quality, Ivas Group earned more than half of its total revenue in 2022 on foreign markets.

Challenges: How to retain field workers and ensure their fair compensation

undefined"All Hours is most useful for organising field work. Through data comparison, I can easily identify whether data deviate from the average for a specific worker on a project,"

 explains Nikša Madirazza, General Manager of Ivas Group.

Ivas Group adopted Spica's All Hours in 2020. Prior to this, payroll was based on the number of events attended. Workers had to meet a specific quota of field events to reach the norm, with no records of time and attendnace kept.

"Given the specific nature of our work, we don't adhere to typical working hours. It's a job that's not suited for everyone. For example, there are instances where we might arrive to a venue on a Friday morning, the concert is in the evening, and by the next morning, the venue must be cleared. We try to manage this with shifts. Naturally, providing a uniform payment for all, regardless of their hours worked, would be unfair. That's why we've agreed with all workers to compensate them based on the hours they've actually worked,"

explains Nikša Madirazza, adding:

"Now, with Spica's All Hours solution, our workers can easily log breaks, travel time, and other relevant details directly within the app. If an individual accumulates more hours than the normal monthly quota by month-end, they will be compensated for the actual hours worked. This ensures transparent recording and payment of all overtime..."
"Field workers opt to remain with the company due to the compensation system, which rewards them based on the actual work they accomplish,"

says the Ivas Group General Manager.

Solution: Improved overall productivity

All workers now log in either on their mobile phones or on a computer. With cost-effectiveness reporting in mind, projects are opened on a project-by-project basis, with workers logging in for projects such as the Eurovision Song Contest in Luxembourg.

"At the end of the month, I can calculate the number of hours worked and, through analysis, identify individuals who have accrued overtime. The significant advantage is that I can now analyze the entire project,"

says Nikša Madirazza.

Nikša Madirazza believes that productivity has also increased. Workers have become more productive, although they have also realized that it pays to check in a little earlier or check out a little later to log more hours. However, management oversees the work and working hours, and Spica's solution enables them to streamline the work process, leading to enhanced overall productivity.

Spica's All Hours also aided them in planning the budget for their upcoming projects. They can now better justify costs to their clients based on insights from past projects.

"Due to the extensive amount of field work, Spica's All Hours is an invaluable tool for our organization. Through comparison, I can easily identify whether data deviate from the average for a specific worker on a project,"

explains Nikša Madirazza, General Manager of Ivas Group, adding 

"It is important that individuals are compensated fairly for their work. By that I mean actual work, though, not time spent on other tasks."

In terms of leadership organization, as general manager, Nikša Madirazza personally analyzes the data and shares it with the warehouse manager twice a month. This enables them to strategically plan staff absences and avoid shortages during the busiest seasons.

Workers have access to an annual leave calendar. If they notice that there is no work scheduled for a specific date, they can submit an annual leave request through Spica's app to Nikša Madirazzi, who then reviews and either approves or rejects it. Typically, annual leave at Ivas Group is granted during spring or autumn, as the period from May to September marks the high season.

And here's an interesting fact: Spica's solution is best used by employees originating from the Philippines.

Solution: The most notable benefits

The General Manager finds the following information particularly valuable:

  • Time spent working,
  • Time spent on breaks,
  • Time spent on the road (especially relevant due to a remote warehouse in Križevci, outside Zagreb),
  • The cost of on-call field staff (including considerations such as whether it's more cost-effective to provide accommodation and subsistence allowance for a certain number of people during the installation and dismantling of technical equipment for a concert in France, for example, or if it's better to fly them back home and then have them return a few days later for the dismantling).

Nikša Madirazza is pleased with Spica's solution, which he confirms by saying:

"One of the major companies in our industry in the region wanted us to connect them with Spica to have the same solution implemented after they saw how well it is working out for us. They are now using it too."

Key advantages

  • Employees are compensated more fairly, based on hours worked, and they can conveniently track their annual leave options through the app.
  • Leadership is much more effective in supervising work and controlling working hours in field work. Additionally, it's significantly easier to plan absences during the busiest season from May to September.
  • Projects can be planned more effectively thanks to the analytical data provided by Spica's solution.