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Case study

Palfinger - System needed with built-in expansion

Palfinger - System needed with built-in expansion Palfinger - System needed with built-in expansion
Industries: Manufacturing

About Palfinger

  • Countries: Austria, Slovenia, others
  • Market: manufacturing, sales
  • Integrator: Spica International, Ljubljana
  • Products: Spica time terminals, Time&Space software, additional modules, Integration


Palfinger wanted to install a system to look after both access control and employee working time in their facility in Maribor, Slovenia. Other requirements included a future integration with the ERP system and SAP HR, the ability to expand the system throughout their regional installations – preferably running in local languages (and fonts) in each different location, and the ability to run the systems centrally from their head office in Austria, if needed.


At a ‘platform’ level, Spica’s Time&Space system offers Palfinger all they need in terms of flexibility and configurability – so they can have the system configured to operate in a way that matches their working practices and processes.

So far so good.

The installation was carried out using Spica DOX controllers, securing around 20 doors, with 5 time and attendance terminals registering employee clocking data.

Expansion to Palfinger’s location in Bulgaria is in the pipeline already, with the additional complication of a completely different language basis (Cyrillic, rather than standard Latin letters). These local language variations are easily solved within Time&Space.

Once this has been achieved, the system will require full integration to the company ERP systems, and to the SAP HR system. Again no problem!

Many companies were under consideration for this project, but Spica were able to offer all the capabilities that Palfinger was demanding:

  • Expandability
  • Local language variants
  • Open ability to integrate with existing 3rd party systems
  • International support
  • Comprehensive Time, Attendance and Access Control.

Administration and standardisation of employee time and wage management is quite a burden for any company working across national borders – and there was one ‘load’ that Spica were able to ‘lift’ easily for the customer.


  • Reliable and user-friendly time and attendance system
  • System architecture ideally suited to multiple distributed locations
  • Robust offline and online operation, with strong data integrity
  • Flexible, scalable, future-proof solution
  • Ability for the system to integrate in the future with 3rd party systems, including SAP
  • Regional and international presence