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Webinar recording: Discover the future of time and attendance in the cloud

Webinar recording: Discover the future of time and attendance in the cloud

Are you striving to create a transparent and productive work environment that fuels your organization's growth? Want to master the art of efficient staff scheduling, accurate time and attendance tracking, seamless absence and overtime management, and automated payroll processing?

Watch our webinar, where we reveal the latest technologies and trends in time and attendance management. Discover how industry-leading practices can revolutionize your workplace, drive employee engagement, and unleash your organization's full potential.

The webinar is based on a live demo (see SPICA All Hours in action).

Agenda Highlights

  • The latest time and attendance management trends
  • The biggest challenges with the time and attendance tracking
  • Introduction to SPICA All Hours: revolutionizing time and attendance tracking
  • Efficient absence and overtime management
  • Real-time reporting and analytics: Gain valuable insights into employee performance
  • Automated payroll processing

About the lecturer

undefinedDario Radosevic, a renowned workforce management specialist and Head of SaaS Sales at SPICA, has been instrumental in assisting numerous businesses in their journey towards digitalization. By streamlining their time and attendance processes, he has fostered more productive and transparent company cultures, driving success and growth across various industries.