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Case study

When (all) doors are opened by a mobile application

When (all) doors are opened by a mobile application When (all) doors are opened by a mobile application
“We have all at times left behind the identification card needed to access the premises. But we always carry our smartphones, so Door Cloud is a logical step in the development of access control solutions,”   says the Technical Manager for the implementation of IT solutions in the Adriatic region at Renault Nissan Slovenija, d.o.o.
  • Company: Renault Nissan Slovenija, d.o.o.
  • Industry: automotive industry, sale of vehicles and spare parts
  • Year of establishment: 2002
  • Number of employees: 200
  • Website: www.renault.siundefined

Renault Nissan Slovenija, d.o.o. is engaged in the sale of vehicles – in Slovenia, it markets the brands Renault, Dacia, and Nissan – and the support of dealers and repair shops of these vehicle brands. The Slovenian branch is part of a group of branches in the Adriatic region.

Challenge - To unify the access control solution for all branches in the Adriatic region

Renault Nissan Slovenija, d.o.o. has been using employee identification cards and access control for more than a decade. However, as the nature of employee work is increasingly regionally oriented, the company wanted to unify access control, both in terms of implementing a single solution as well as management and maintenance.

“We wanted a solution that would work seamlessly in all branches of the Adriatic region, at all company locations. We wanted to eliminate the current arrangement, which has led to a large number of employee cards – the most extreme case was the employee who, due to the nature of his work, needed as many as 9 cards to work at different locations,” said Andrej Gorenc, Technical Manager for the implementation of IT solutions in the Adriatic region at Renault Nissan Slovenija, d.o.o.

At the same time, the company wanted to implement a modern solution that would be ready for the future and would be able to grow along with the needs of the company.

Solution- Electronic locks and Door Cloud

Therefore, Renault Nissan Slovenija, d.o.o. performed an analysis of providers and solutions and finally chose the Door Cloud solution developed at Špica. Door Cloud is a secure, scalable, and flexible cloud access solution suitable for businesses of all sizes. Its main asset is the fact that it completely eliminates the need for readers and (ID) cards and significantly reduces implementation time and access control costs, as it operates from the provider's cloud. Door Cloud offers a safe and convenient way to unlock doors from anywhere, as the mobile app of the same name turns the user's smartphone into an access control tool.

Renault Nissan Slovenija was able to maintain its existing access control system on doors. Some older versions were simply upgraded with new modular controllers that allow the customer to easily add door controls at all locations. The system is fully scalable, and, depending on the hardware used, users can open doors from a distance of about two meters and parking lot gates from a distance of 5 to 10 meters. The system is fully managed via the cloud, and the company's administrators have access to all usage data. They can also set limits for individuals/groups of users or grant temporary access to guests and visitors.

“Špica's solution has convinced us with its breadth – it is compatible with an extremely large set of locks and access control systems, and it also supports almost all mobile devices. Because Door Cloud is cloud-based, there is no need to install hardware and software at our locations; we simply integrated existing solutions via programmable plug-ins (APIs) into the Microsoft Azure cloud platform,” said Andrej Gorenc, adding: “It’s also important for us that the provider ensures maintenance and support throughout the Adriatic region, so we no longer need different partners and systems.”

Advantages - The door can be opened from anywhere

Renault Nissan Slovenija has quickly realised that various cards and card reader systems will eventually become a thing of the past. Although identification cards are still in use (for the time being), mainly for the purpose of identifying employees, access control is largely being taken over by the mobile application.

“Practically everyone has at times left behind the identification card that is also needed for access to the premises. But we always carry our smartphones. We rarely part with them, because they’re the first thing we miss. The decision to manage doors via the mobile application is thus completely logical,” added Andrej Gorenc.

Benefits of Door Cloud for Renault Nissan:

  • Opening doors from anywhere
  • No need for readers and cards
  • The possibility of opening doors without the application using a link
  • Rental model and lower costs
  • Easy ways to add new doors or branches
  • High level of IT security
  • Excellent user experience
  • Ability to keep existing access control infrastructure

Employees were immediately on board, as they quickly realised that this was not just a technological fad, but a very practical solution. The gate for accessing the parking lot can be raised without lowering car windows and using the card, which is a big plus on rainy and cold days. According to Renault Nissan Slovenija employees, the user experience is excellent.

“The advantages of the new system are also apparent in emergencies. We all know fire drills and disaster scenarios where a building experiences an earthquake or flood. In such cases, it loses its connection to the Internet or local systems. In the past, such incidents made it impossible to know who is in the facility, because there was no access to the data server. With Door Cloud, we immediately know the situation before the disaster, so rescue teams can know exactly whom to look for and where,” said Gorenc, emphasising the great advantage of the new solution.

Future - Even more seamless access control

Renault Nissan had no concerns about the use and safety of the cloud solution.“Security is already built into the provider's cloud at an extremely high level. Conformity with the law is ensured to an impressive degree, and the same is true for the use of personal data and data security, which is all much easier than if the company took care of it internally,” Gorenc explained.


Renault Nissan Slovenija also welcomes the cloud service subscription model, which represents an operating cost for the company. They also consider upgrading access control for visitors, who would be given the option to open doors via a link sent to their mobile device. The company has also tested the possibility of controlling doors via a smartwatch, as access control with the help of wearable devices may eventually become a reality in modern business environments.

In addition to the Doorclod, Renault Nissan Slovenija is using another Spica's solution All Hours for time and attendance in a modern workplace.