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Labeling and Tracking

From manufacturing to retail – barcode and RFID labelling and tracking for simple to complex projects

Salesforce Automation

Introducing IT solutions that support mobility for sales force teams

Warehouse Processes

From warehouse management systems to voice-enabled workflow performance

Asset Management System

Tracking and managing assets to obtain reliability and savings

Retail Solutions

Raising customer experience through Bluetooth for mobile phones technology

Proof of Delivery

Tracking packages until their delivery with signature capture

supply chain management

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About Spica

Spica was founded in 1989 as an automatic identification specialist in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Over the years, its core business has evolved to automating business processes in most of the company’s everyday business. The installations took place in 27 countries, with over half a million users who can now work in a more efficient and agile way due to the technology and methodologies introduced by the Spica teams. Spica employs over 100 people, more than half of whom have university degrees, 30% of them work in research and development teams in two countries, and 40% of them implement highly sophisticated solutions and long-term projects

Our clients benefit from the comprehensive support that we provide at all levels: from the very idea and information analysis to the actual tailor-made development or carefully selected solutions and equipment, installation, training, implementation of the system, and the maintenance afterwards.

Spica has over the years built a wide resellers network in more than 30 countries and developed a technical support, education, and custom project development team devoted especially to resellers’ demands. Spica has established its own offices in the Balkan markets, the UK, and India.

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