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An enterprise-grade workforce management & access control solution

Spica’s Time&Space is a reliable, scalable and proven enterprise-grade WFM and access control system based on the Time&Space platform, which connects all of Spica’s solutions.

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Time & Space is the selected WFM solution from the most renowned global brands
About Time&Space Central

About Time&Space Central

Time&Space is a fully integrated system providing a complete solution for workforce management, including access control and working-time management. The system is modular with a client-server or hybrid architecture, offering web access or desktop clients.

The Time&Space system excels in terms of flexibility and scalability, making it suitable for very different companies and organizations, regardless of their size and geographic spread. Users can be found in every sector - from manufacturing, energy, and mining, to retail, finance, hospitality, healthcare, and government.



Smaller users can run Time&Space on almost any office computer capable of running the latest version of Microsoft Office. The database can be the desktop version of MS SQL or Oracle. Time clocks and access controllers are accessed through the company network.

Larger systems can have an unlimited number of time clocks and access points, workstations for time and attendance administrators, and an unlimited number of smartphone and web access clients. Multiple servers can be used to run data collection, database, and application services.

Software modularity

Software modularity

An important feature of the Time&Space software is its modularity, which leaves the customer free to choose additional components at any time and to upgrade the system later, as and when required. 

Time&Space software covers a wide range of WFM and access control needs.


Meet our hardware support

Compact and sleek time clocks with a practical and elegant user-interface for clocking in and out on the premise. From software to hardware, we’ve got your time and attendance needs covered.

Zone Touch

Compact version for standard applications

Zone Touch

Zone Touch is a family of feature-rich and cost-effective time clocks supporting most major card and card replacement technologies. 

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Zone Touch FP

Version with fingerprint reader

3rd party devices

Integrations with Idemia, TBS, Suprema, Aperio

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Access Control

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