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Payroll Integrations

Keeping accurate scheduling and attendance data results in a faster and easier payroll process. Customize your reports and export the data you need, or use our API for seamless integration.

  • Reduce payroll processing time
  • API access included in every subscription
  • Meet compliance & keep your data safe
Faster and more accurate payroll processing

Faster and more accurate payroll processing

Export a customized report that fits the specific needs of your company and is easy to import into your existing payroll-processing solution.

SPICA All Hours tracks and calculates paid and unpaid hours, work from home, overtime, lunch breaks, and various other payment types.

Each payment type can be paired with a specific ID so you can easily import your timesheets into your accounting software.

API access

API access

APIs allow different solutions such as time, attendance, and accounting software to interface with each other without any additional activity on the part of the user. This means that data from Spica All Hours can just magically appear in your payroll software. 

Spica All Hours provides a state-of-the-art API so you can integrate our system with any payroll provider. 

API access is included in every type of Spica All Hours subscription.

In case you need help preparing your system for integration, Spica also provides a team of developers that will listen to your needs and develop custom solutions according to your specifications. Contact us for more information.

Keep all your data in one place

Keep all your data in one place

SPICA All Hours provides you with a summary of paid hours, absences, and overtime for a given period.

Run all your administrative time and attendance processes in one place, and reduce the administrative workload for managers, HR departments, accounting and employees. Export time sheets for a simpler and more accurate payroll process, and meet compliance effortlessly.

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