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Spica Time Clock Terminals

Our workforce-management solutions come with convenient and modern time clock terminals, which offer support for time recording, job costing, and access control with either badges, mobile credentials, or biometric IDs. With our hardware and software solutions, we help you solve even the most complex workforce management challenges in your industry.

Time clocks are still standard in many industries

A time clock terminal is still the most common way to register work hours and other events (lunch breaks, personal errands…). It's ideal for use in warehouses and manufacturing facilities, as well as office environments. 

Our cloud-based workforce management solutions can be used with or without a time clock terminal (you can also use our mobile or web app), but they are a nice addition to many business environments.

Time clocks are still standard in many industries
Meet our time clock terminals

Zone touch terminals

Zone Touch is a family of feature-rich and cost-effective time clocks supporting the most complex demands of all major industries.
Clock in at a terminal with cards, badges, or biometrics
Built-in HID reader and HID Mobile Access via Bluetooth
Different types of connection (Wi-Fi or Ethernet)
Works during power shortages / Wi-Fi connectivity problems
Reading distance is up to 10 cm

Zone Touch

Compact version for standard applications

Zone Touch KB

Industrial version with four hard keys

Zone Touch FP

Biometric version for indoor or outdoor use

Android Time Terminal (ATT)

With ATT you can turn any Android phone into a time-clocking terminal. A dedicated clocking device is the most classic way of recording time, and for good reason. Employees usually pass it when they enter their place of work, so it's easy to remember to clock in. Now you can employ Android devices as clocking terminals.

Android Time Terminal (ATT)
Employees can choose events (clock-in, fieldwork, job types, etc.) and record them on their Android device(s)
Use NFC cards or personal identification numbers (PIN) to prevent buddy punching
Download the ATT app from Google Play, install it on an Android device of your choice and add it to All Hours

Don't have your own Android devices?

The Managed Android Time Terminal (MATT) is a compact and portable, stand-alone Android device (FAMOCO device) with a built-in NFC reader capable of reading a range of NFC-compatible badges.
ATT is included in the price.

Don't have your own Android devices? Get MATT.
Affordable solution for a large number of remote locations, such as shops or offices with a small number of employees
Ideal for temporary or mobile work sites; suitable for construction sites, plantations, or logging operations

Morpho Sigma Integration

Spica’s solutions support Sigma biometric time recording terminals from Morpho ( The Sigma line of terminals (Sigma, Sigma Extreme, Sigma Lite, Sigma Lite+) provide the ultimate set of features for the most demanding users, such as:

Morpho Sigma Integration
State-of-the-art fingerprint verification and identification
Support for legacy biometric templates (Bioscrypt, L1)
Large, color touchscreen display

We also offer various software deployment options, whether it be via cloud, on-premises, or a hybrid solution. Whatever your needs, we'll make sure you get the right solution for you.

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