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Stop wasting time on paper forms, digital spreadsheets, or online calculators: outsource your timesheets to SPICA All Hours and focus on real work instead.

  • Up to date timesheets
  • Save time and minimize errors
  • Automate payroll processing

No more wasted time

Wasting hours on timesheets isn’t what you signed up for, and it’s not what you hired your employees for either.

Instead of using Excel spreadsheets or paper forms, employees just tap a button to clock in, and your timesheets are ready to go.

No more wasted time
Easy to use

Easy to use

The mobile app automatically reminds employees to clock in when they arrive at a specific location, saving you hassle and making onboarding that much easier.

Using a physical time clock or clocking-in on the web is also straightforward and easy, meaning that even employees who aren’t tech savvy won’t have any trouble using it without special training.

If employees forget to clock in, they can enter the information manually and have it approved or denied by their managers.

Unlimited custom categories of worktime

Unlimited custom categories of worktime

SPICA All Hours adapts to the needs of your company with highly customizable calculation rules.

Overtime, night-hours, and other company specific worktime categories are calculated automatically based on the rules you select.

Sets of calculation rules are known as Time Policies and can be automatically applied to different days under different conditions. This way employee time is always calculated correctly for different types of shifts and different types of workers.

Automate and simplify payroll

Automate and simplify payroll

Each clock-in and clock-out is precisely timestamped. Spica All Hours automatically calculates paid hours, overtime, lunch breaks and other worktime categories based on times of arrival and the calculation rules you set up.

Rid your company of time-consuming procedures and manual inputs. Export timesheets for accurate payroll processing instead, and meet compliance effortlessly. 

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