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Overtime tracking

Spica All Hours calculates overtime based on the clock-in events and the rules you set up. Overtime is calculated as the surplus beyond the required hours.

  • Calculate overtime based on your rules
  • Approve or reject overtime
  • Stay compliant & keep costs in check
  • Track hourly balances for flexitime
Approving overtime hours

Approving overtime hours

Additional hours outside of regular shifts are marked as unpaid until they are approved by managers.

Overtime approvals can also be requested by employees, either for hours worked in the past or to plan overtime in the future.

This allows managers to keep costs under control while also keeping everything transparent for everyone involved.

Flexitime and hourly balance

Flexitime and hourly balance

For flexitime workers, the hourly balance is calculated instead of overtime. A daily plan of hours is set, along with the core hours of required attendance.

The balance of hours is always available to employees so they can regulate their own attendance and plan for surpluses or deficits accordingly.

Weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly balances are available at any time and can be made automatically deduced at the end of each period. The surpluses and deficits are tracked in reports and payroll data to ensure they are compensated appropriately.

Overtime and payroll processing

Overtime and payroll processing

SPICA All Hours includes overtime in payroll reports, making the payroll process quick and painless. 

You can choose precisely which data you need and export it all in CSV or Excel files so it can be quickly imported into your payroll solution.

All calculations are also available via the API, so integrations with other systems are a breeze.

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