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Workforce management solution for a modern workplace

Time is the most precious business resource.
Manage it wisely.

Schedule staff, track time and attendance, manage absences and overtime, and export data in your payroll provider.

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  • Track remote work & overtime
  • Manage absences easily
  • No more paper timesheets

  • Increased productivity
  • Payroll done faster
  • Lower labor costs
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Over 3.000 successful implementations

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Feature rich and flexible solution that can be completely adjusted to your industry or business-size needs

With more than 30 years of experience in workforce management, our software solution has helped manage teams and increase productivity for companies of all sizes (from small teams to 10.000+ employees), across all major industries.

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Our customers' experiences

“The entire system in the Slovenian Spar group is managed by two people, one in IT and one in HR. Right from the start, we have been regularly updating the software and no other upgrades were necessary.”

Rado Habjan
head of IT at Spar Slovenia

“This is the simplest and fastest automated way of registration. Everything is recorded in a single system. No other records are needed. Various displays are automated as well: the status of working hours, annual leave, sick leave, overtime.”

Snezana Bokan Kuprivec
Head of Human Resources, Legal and Administrative Services at Cleangrad

“Our goal was to simplify our time tracking process and achieve faster and more accurate payroll processing.”

Suzana Makivic
head of HR at Optika Clarus

Why choose us?

With 30+ years of experience, 3.000+ satisfied customers around the globe, we’re the trustworthy partner you’ve been looking for.

Placed on the Gartner Workforce Management Market Guide
Certified partner of the biggest tech providers
ISO certified provider
All types of clocking, every clocking case covered

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Over 3.000 successful implementations
Over 3.000 successful implementations
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