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Monthly and Weekly Timesheets – Free Excel Timesheet Template

Monthly Timesheet Template
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In some cases all you need for tracking time and attendance in your company is a simple Excel timesheet template. If your work time rules and working arrangements are not too complicated and you do not wish to manage employee absences online, this could work just fine for your company. Most of companies are obliged to track how much time their employees spend at work, but in most states they can choose the method of recording work hours themselves.

All Hours

  • Easy to clock-in and out
  • Timesheets always up-to-date
  • Manage and approve absences

Your employees can send their hours to you periodically or enter them directly in the template. Our Excel timesheet template will then automatically calculate the daily difference from your planned hours and calculate a monthly or weekly balance of hours for each employee. 

Below you can download four free versions of simple Excel timesheet templates:

  • monthly timesheet template for each employee (by day)
  • monthly summary of company timesheets (by employee)
  • weekly timesheet template for each employee (by day)
  • weekly summary of company timesheets (by employee)

1. Monthly Timesheet for multiple employees: Free Excel Timesheet Template


Monthly Time Sheet Template

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2. Monthly Summary of Company Timesheets: Free Excel Timesheet Template


Monthly Summary of Company Timesheets

3. Weekly Timesheet for multiple employees: Free Excel Timesheet Template


Weekly Timesheet for multiple employees

4. Weekly Summary of Company Timesheets: Free Excel Timesheet Template


Weekly Summary of Company Timesheets

Please, always enter the values in number of hours. There are some values already entered as an example.
Feel free to modify all timesheet templates according to your needs.

Advantages of keeping timesheets in Excel

Keeping company timesheets in Excel is still widely popular, especially among smaller companies. Reasons for this decision are of course pretty obvious:

  • There is no additional costs.
  • It’s great if you need basics only.
  • It’s great if you don’t have a lot of data to enter (for small teams and projects).
  • Everyone is already used to working with Excel, so no additional introduction and training of employees are needed.

Disadvantages of keeping timesheets in Excel

But there are also quite a few drawbacks of choosing Excel for recording employee work hours. Especially now when there are numerous online Time and Attendance tools available which are inexpensive, easy to use and specialized to record and deliver you all the employee data you need, when you need it.

Online timesheets can save you tons of time and effort by eliminating these downfalls of using Excel: 

  • You need to enter everything manually in Excel.
  • The likelihood of inaccurate data and errors is very high.
  • Excel is very limited in Time and Attendance functionalities, so you might need to create your own formulas for some calculations.
  • You need to continuously remind your employees to send their timesheets in.
  • You can hardly see any trends, as there is no analytical features.
  • You can’t access data in real-time when you need it.
  • There is no audit trail of who made any changes to the file and when. This is especially problematic in EU, because it is not compliant with the GDPR.
  • You need to make sure you have an up-to-date back up file at all times.

If any or more of these issues is problematic for you, maybe you should consider keeping your work time records online. You can try All Hours time clock app for free and decide whether it suits you.

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