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Attendance management software for the modern workplace

All Hours is attendance management software that enables you to track the attendance of employees at work (in the office or remotely). In addition, you can manage, approve and track absences and overtime, and get detailed reports for payroll processing. It also comes with a slick mobile and web app.

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Attendance management software that covers all your needs
  • Complete attendance-management solution
  • Real-time presence overview
  • Detailed attendance reports, including overtime
  • Faster payroll processing

Additional features for complete attendance management
  • Schedule shifts on a calendar
  • Quickly, easily, and transparently manage absences
  • Track the attendance of remote workers
  • Cloud-based software to save time and money


Attendance management software that does one thing perfectly – tracks and manages the attendance
of your employees

All Hours is user-friendly attendance management software that provides a faster and more accurate way of tracking employee time and attendance. The solution is cloud-based, which means it comes with a mobile and web app that are friendly to use.

Complete and flexible attendance management software

Complete and flexible attendance management software

With our attendance management software, you can track all different types of work (overtime, weekend, regular work hours...), absences (annual leave, maternity leave, business trips...), and keep an eye on daily balances of hours, overtime, annual leave accruals and specific absences. 

  • Track the attendance of your employees
  • Track specific types of work hours
  • Customize absences and counters to your needs

Calendar view for better day-to-day decisions

Calendar view for better day-to-day decisions

The Calendar view in our attendance management software gives management a bird’s-eye view of daily presences at work, all absences and planned leave, and even holidays, so your managers can organise ahead of time and are never shorthanded due to overbooking of vacation.

  • Check who is present and absent on the web or mobile app
  • Quickly spot late arrivals and early departures
  • Always know who is present, working from home, or on the road

Detailed attendance reports

Detailed attendance reports

Our attendance management software provides detailed reports that help management keep productivity high and absences low. Balances, deviations, and other time and attendance statistics are always on hand. Having a better overview of all planned absences also helps provide more accurate workforce scheduling.

  • Create reports tailored to your needs
  • Check for absence trends and anomalies 
  • Optimize productivity in your organization

Faster and more accurate payroll processing

Faster and more accurate payroll processing

Make your payroll process simpler and more accurate with our attendance management software. Export a customized report that fits the needs of your company and is easy to import into your payroll-processing solution.

  • Set reports and export the data you need for easier payroll processing
  • Define flexible payroll rules (track regular work hours, overtime, vacation, and sick leave, …)
  • Export data in different formats

More complex cases?
Consider them covered.

The All Hours online time clock encourages the growth of your company, and can support even the most complex time and attendance cases. You can set up different rules for different teams, delegate approvals, and set up who can access specific data.

Additional features for complete attendance management

All Hours attendance management software comes with many other handy features, helping you to organise your workforce much more efficiently, and thus increasing productivity and employee satisfaction.

Schedule shifts on an interactive calendar

Schedule shifts on an interactive calendar

All Hours attendance management software comes with a staff scheduling feature. Managers get access to a calendar view of absences and shifts so they can easily plan and schedule the work of their teams. Don’t just track attendance; plan it optimally.

  • Enjoy automatic staff schedules
  • Manage absences and shifts
  • Plan attendance with a handy software solution

Manage absences and leave requests

Manage absences and leave requests

Easily manage absences. Receive requests for absences through our attendance management software, including the type and duration of absence. Approve or deny absences using the online time clock. Easily track all types of leave, including annual leave, sick leave, public holidays, private or unpaid leave, or the usage of surplus hours. 

  • Manage leave requests on a mobile app
  • Track different types of leave
  • Track the usage of surplus hours

 Track attendance of remote workers

Track attendance of remote workers

With the All Hours attendance management software, employees can clock-in and out no matter the work location with just a mobile phone. You can also establish powerful rules for flexitime, such as setting core and variable hours. All Hours supports all modern types of work: remote work, job sharing, part-time work, freelancer outsourcing, and many more. 

  • Track the time and attendance of remote workers
  • Set core and variable hours
  • Set approved locations, and much more

Cloud-based attendance management software that saves time and money

Cloud-based attendance management software that saves time and money

With a cloud-based (online) clock in solution, there’s no need for a company server, dedicated IT department, or security system. There are no installations, no infrastructure, and no maintenance. Software updates, data, configurations, and everything else are managed by All Hours and hosted on one of the leading cloud-infrastructure providers, Microsoft Azure.

  • User-friendly mobile and web app
  • Optimize IT costs and effort 
  • Focus on your business

Attendance management software that comes with hardware support

Our cloud-based attendance management software is always available online and can be paired with our own hardware solutions or Bluetooth Beacons.
And even more good news - it’s used by 1000s of companies of all sizes.

Time Clock Terminals

Time Clock Terminals

Our attendance management software also features dependable and easy-to-use time clock terminals, which support time and attendance tracking with badges or cards. With Spica’s own hardware and software solutions, the most complex time and attendance challenges can be easily solved.

  • Combine several clocking methods, from mobile apps to badges and cards
  • We provide our own touch-sensitive terminals
  • We have 30+ years of experience with clocking hardware

Bluetooth beacons, geofencing and much more

Bluetooth beacons, geofencing and much more

With All Hours attendance management software, you can also use Bluetooth beacons at specific locations for more precision so employees can only register arrivals and departures when they are near the Bluetooth device. Bluetooth beacons offer the highest precision when it comes to geofencing and location tracking. 

For even more control, All Hours offers geofencing, meaning employees can only clock in and out when they are at the right location. And if you have any other needs or a more complex attendance tracking case, our attendance management software can definitely cover it.

What our customers are saying

All Hours is easy to use, straightforward, and very handy. My employees find it as a handy solution for registering working hours, no matter where they are. On my side of things, calculating wages has become a breeze.

David S., Managing Director

All Hours is accessible from anywhere. It’s user-friendly and has different modes of clocking in and out which is very convenient especially on mobile phones. We also use All Hours to track working locations of employees. And the customer support is very patient and vigilant.

Walled M., Accounting Manager

All Hours functionalities cover our entire employee spectrum – administrative staff, off-site maintenance team, and sales team. The mobile application is of the greatest importance to us as it enables us to easily track off-site work hours.

Srecko V., Managing Director

I would recommend All Hours for its usefulness, convenience, and simplicity. I am especially happy with the quick help from the support team. We regularly use All Hours excel exports to prepare wages.

Slavi P., Business Rep

All Hours is terrific. Very convenient, efficient, and great way to easily keep track of employees’ hours. It solved the tedious compilation of hours for payroll.

Lisa P, Office Manager

All Hours is a friendly and easy-to-use check-in/out solution. It was very easy to set up All Hours and train the team. The solution comes with geofencing and Bluetooth beacon check-in options, plus you can check in using Andriod, iPhones, Web, and other options.

Maan A., IT Portfolio Manager

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