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Time & attendance for a modern workplace

A faster, more accurate, and user-friendly time and attendance management system, All Hours simplifies your payroll process, minimizes compliance risk, raises productivity, and lowers labor costs. It works on all types of devices.

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Accurate, powerful & simple to use

All Hours helps you optimize and automate all processes for time and attendance and payroll.

Time & attendance management

All Hours offers your employees accurate registration of arrivals and departures from work, lunch breaks, business trips, remote work, and more.

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Manage absences

Log annual leave, vacation days, holidays, sick leave, and any other absences. Absence requests are approved by administrators and heads of departments.

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Automate payroll

Export data for a smooth and accurate payroll with a single click. All Hours provides you with a summary of paid hours, absences, and overtime for a given period.

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Smart clocking

Smart clocking

Arm your employees with smart clocking when it comes to time and attendance.

Wherever you are, on every device
All time and attendance related events require a quick response. Clock in or out with our mobile app, a desktop computer or a traditional time clock terminal.
Zero training needed
Our mobile app is intuitive and reminds your employees to clock in and out when they are coming to or leaving work. It can be that easy.
Make sure your employees only clock-in where they are supposed to. Reduce errors and prevent cheating and buddy punching.
Timesheets completely adjusted to your needs

Timesheets completely adjusted to your needs

Log annual leave, vacation days, holidays, sick leave, and any other absences. Absence requests are approved by administrators and heads of departments.

Powerful rules for timesheets
Personalize your settings according to your office hours and the needs of individual departments or even specific employees.

All Hours will calculate paid time, lunch breaks, offsite work, as well as overtime, violations, and other events.
Calculate absences
Absences are also accounted for and included in your timesheets so you can process payroll quickly.
Actionable time & attendance data

Actionable time & attendance data

Make key HR decisions based on precise and useful data.

Real time employee presence
Follow the heartbeat of your company at any moment. See who just arrived, who is working off-site and who is on vacation.
Managers and teams
Divide your company into departments, each with its own rules and managers who can approve absence requests and oversee their department’s presence, timesheet and personal information.

Meet our time clocks

A time clock is the most common way to register work hours. It’s ideal for office spaces as well as warehouses and factory usage. Employees pick an action (arrival, departure, lunch,...) on the touch screen and use their card or chip to finish the clocking process.

Zone Touch

Zone Touch KB

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