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Time & attendance for a modern workplace

A faster, more accurate, and user-friendly time and attendance management system, All Hours simplifies your payroll process, minimizes compliance risk, raises productivity, and lowers labor costs. It works on all types of devices.

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Trusted by 3.000+ businesses

Accurate, powerful & simple to use

Our time and attendance software helps you digitalize, optimize and automate core HR processes, resulting in an immediate increase in productivity.

Track time & attendance in real time

Accurately record arrivals and departures from work, lunch breaks, business trips, remote work, and more.

Manage absences

Log annual leave, vacation days, holidays, sick leave, and any other absences. Absence requests are approved by administrators and heads of departments.

Automate payroll

Export data for a smooth and accurate payroll with a single click. All Hours provides you with a summary of paid hours, absences, and overtime for a given period.

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Simple and smart clocking

Simple and smart clocking

SPICA All Hours is designed to make clocking in and out easy for all types of users - warehouse or production workers, IT professionals, office workers, remote workers or HR managers.

  • Mobile app (iOS / Android)
  • Web app / Browser clocking
  • Timeclock terminals
  • Bluetooth beacons
Wherever you are, on every device

All time and attendance related events require a quick response. Clocking in and out can be done via our mobile app, a desktop computer, or a traditional time clock terminal.

Automation, notifications and clocking suggestions

With smart clocking (notifications, suggestions…) all users save time and avoid many common mistakes, such as forgetting to clock or pressing the wrong clocking event. Clocking at certain locations can even be automated.


Geofencing is a feature which designates that employees can only clock in and out when they are at a specified location. That reduces errors and prevents cheating and buddy punching. You can pinpoint the exact location of the clocking event.

Manage absences, overtime and remote work

Manage absences, overtime and remote work

Improve productivity and optimise labour costs by managing absenteeism, containing overtime, and managing employees working from multiple locations.

Approve or reject absence requests

Employees can request absences through the mobile or web app. They simply select the type and duration of the absence. Managers can also approve or deny absence requests from their mobile devices. They can easily view the entire approval history.

Know who is absent and why

The attendance dashboard shows who is missing, absent, or on a business trip. Employees working from home or taking a break are also shown separately. You can see everything clearly on an interactive calendar.

Track overtime and keep costs under control

Additional hours outside of regular shifts are marked as unpaid until approved by managers. Overtime approval can also be requested by employees, either for hours worked in the past or to schedule overtime for the future.
This allows managers to keep costs under control while maintaining transparency for everyone involved.

Manage remote work

To attract the best talent, you need to support modern forms of work, such as remote work, job sharing, part-time work, freelance outsourcing and more. Supporting modern forms of work is one of the key benefits of an online time tracking solution.

Try All Hours for free!

Try out All Hours for 14 days and decide if it's a good fit for your business.

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Accurate and actionable time and attendance data

Accurate and actionable time and attendance data

Make important HR decisions based on accurate and useful data. Access data in real time or on demand with standardized reports that can be customized to meet your needs.

Real-time employee presence

Follow the heartbeat of your business at any moment. See who has just arrived, who is working off-site, and who is on vacation.

Quickly identify late arrivals and early departures

Easily see when and where your employees came or went to work. If you have a retail store, you can instantly see when it opened or closed.
Analyze absence and overtime trends across departments and capture productivity patterns.

Audit trail report & GDPR compliance

The audit trail report provides transparency and serves as proof of proper GDPR implementation. Use the report when you need to know who has managed, viewed, or deleted your company's time and attendance data.

Schedule employees and automate shifts

Schedule employees and automate shifts

Spica All Hours provides you with a calendar view of absences and shifts so you can easily plan and schedule work for your team. Do not just record attendance, schedule it optimally. Schedule the required number of qualified employees in the right place at the right time.

SPICA All Hours automatically detects morning, afternoon and night shifts and calculates the corresponding bonuses and overtime.

Try All Hours for free!

Try out All Hours for 14 days and decide if it's a good fit for your business.

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Automate timesheets for faster payroll processing

Automate timesheets for faster payroll processing

Do not waste time and nerves with impractical paper forms, digital spreadsheets or online calculators. Outsource your time sheets problems to SPICA All Hours. Free yourself or your employees from constant editing and correcting timesheets.

Timesheets always up-to-date

Our cloud-based solution reminds employees to report in when they arrive at a specific location. If employees still miss a time clock, they can enter it themselves later via the web or mobile interface. That way, time sheets are always up to date and much more accurate.

Automate payroll and meet compliance

Export customized reports tailored to your organization's specific needs and easily import them into your existing payroll solution, or use our API for seamless integration. Effortlessly comply with regulations.


Meet our time clocks

Zone Touch is a family of feature-rich, cost-effective time clocks that meet the most complex needs of all major industries. They do not necessarily have to be used with our time and attendance solution, but they are a good addition to many business environments.

Zone Touch

Compact version for standard applications

Zone Touch KB

Industrial version with four hard keys

Zone Touch FP

Biometric version for indoor or outdoor use

Android Time Terminal (ATT)

Turn any Android device into a terminal

Case studies

Our customers' experiences

With SPICA All Hours, you can organize your employees much more efficiently, increasing productivity and employee satisfaction. It is used by 1000s of companies of all sizes around the world.

“The entire system in the Slovenian Spar group is managed by two people, one in IT and one in HR. Right from the start, we have been regularly updating the software and no other upgrades were necessary.”

Rado Habjan
head of IT at Spar Slovenia

“This is the simplest and fastest automated way of registration. Everything is recorded in a single system. No other records are needed. Various displays are automated as well: the status of working hours, annual leave, sick leave, overtime.”

Snežana Bokan Kuprivec
Head of Human Resources, Legal and Administrative Services at Cleangrad

“Our goal was to simplify our time tracking process and achieve faster and more accurate payroll processing.”

Suzana Makivić
head of HR at Optika Clarus


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