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Project time tracking

Project Time Tracking for Higher Productivity

The rise of the project economy and free-lancing brought about a new kind of fast-paced complexity. Stay on top of it and create competitive advantage.

Track project time on your smartphone
Mobilise your workforce

Track project time on your smartphone

Use real-time tracking or add time logs manually. Stop and restart the timer as needed. Spend all the time you have on the quality project work and just a few clicks on time tracking administration.

The end-user focused solution for efficient project handling

The end-user focused solution for efficient project handling

A successful project is the one delivered within the agreed time and budget. With efficient project management your goal is within reach, and with our streamlined, cloud-based solution time is on your side. 

Define Projects
Good planning paves the way to success. Create projects for individual customers and break them down into tasks for a better overview of the project as a whole and time spent on each of its components. Insert new tasks on the go and assign them to existing or future projects.
Set the Budget
Set the budget and a reminder that will alert you when you approach the limit. Specify additional costs when incurred to ensure that the total of actual spending is recorded. Use budget report to see time and budget details.
Track hours for Billing
Assign hourly rates to projects, tasks, or team members. 
Keep all the time close eye on your budget with the help of reminders.
Stay on top of spending with tracking billable hours and additional expenses.
Generate invoices without need to export data elsewhere.
Manage the Team
Invite your team members to track time on common projects and tasks.
Pick and delegate an important task and delegate it to your team members to make sure it will be completed.
Append notes to your team member time logs or correct any mistakes with admin privileges.
Approve or reject specific time logs before billing.
Create Reports
The graphic summary of hours worked supported by detailed info on team members, clients, projects and time logs helps you understand the dynamics of your projects. The overview of uninvoiced hours for a selected period saves you a good deal of administrative work.
Boost Productivity
Compare data to see where your project management strategy works best and which segments you need to review. Which task or project was the most time consuming? How much overhead costs were incurred? Use this info when planning future projects to improve productivity.
Cutting-edge Technology Solution tailored to your needs

Cutting-edge Technology Solution tailored to your needs

One of the main benefits of cloud computing is the scalability of cloud-based services. By choosing a cloud-based solution, you are embracing flexibility and seamless adjustments to future requirements. 

Real time Data Sharing
The real-time exchange and sharing of data enhance teamwork and add immediacy to reporting. It enables you to adapt quickly to unforeseen demands and redistribute resources.
Cost-effective Solution
Our project time tracking solution eliminates the need for large initial investment and keeps your costs in check. You can scale it up or down to match your changing demands, all the while enjoying immediate access to updates.

How can we help you achieve your goals?

The answer is by working together towards an optimal and cost-effective solution for both of us!

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