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A simple & powerful project time tracking solution

My Hours is a project time tracking solution, that lets you organize your projects, track work hours and expenses, send personalized invoices and share detailed reports with clients or management - all in one place, with an outstanding user experience. 

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A powerful productivity tool, with first-class user experience

My Hours is an award-winning project time tracking solution, rated as the best solution in terms of user experience and helpful support (by G2). It comes with many powerful features: Track time easily.

Easily track time

My Hours is the most hassle-free way to track time on projects and enjoy all the benefits of project time tracking. You can track time in real-time or manually add time logs in our mobile or web application. 

Track billable hours, labor costs and expenses

In addition to tracking time spent on projects, you can easily track billable hours, labor costs and expenses. Make sure every one of your projects is profitable. My Hours also enables you to send personal invoices.

Project management settings for your needs

My Hours offers many different settings, which enable you to adjust project time tracking and project management to your needs. You can set up different types of tasks, billing rates, team members and much more.

Easily manage your projects and your team

Easily manage your projects and your team

My Hours is much more than just a time tracker. You can add your team members, manage projects, delegate tasks and much more.

Optimize teams’ time management
Invite your team members to track time on common projects and tasks. Get detailed insights how each team member spends their work time. Help them set the right priorities.
Coordinate work on projects
Split your work into projects and tasks. Delegate tasks to team members. Apply hourly rates and monitor your budget to stay on track. Make sure each of your projects is profitable.
Create project templates
You can create a project template with a specific billing method, hourly rates, and rounding and then apply the template to any new project. Saves time and works like magic.
Project analytics

Project analytics

Get detailed reports to better manage your team and spend time more wisely.

Visualize data for reports or decision making
Take full advantage of many different reports showing analytics of time spent on projects, tasks, clients or by team members. Reports can be customized and filtered so they completely fit your needs.
Get reports in any form
All reports can be downloaded as PDF or excel files and sent to your clients or superiors directly by email. You can also save a report template and receive emails with new reports every week or month.
Enjoy many other powerful features
Import timesheets, find changes to time logs in audit reports, specify rounding of time logs and customize many different settings of My Hours to your needs.

Save time and money.
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My Hours is a time tracking solution which is usable for teams of any size. The pro paid plan comes with additional features like invoicing, admin controls, and priority support.