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Why us

Why choose SPICA?

Here are the top reasons why you should choose SPICA as your workforce management provider:

satisfied customers around the globe
Spica employees, with in-house R&D
years of continuous growth and improvement
On-boarding, customization and world-class customer support

On-boarding, customization and world-class customer support

Our systems are highly flexible and customizable. Whatever your company’s requirements may be, we can always adapt our software solutions to address them effectively.

While bringing our system on board, we will introduce our entire range of available features and explain how they can support your organizational goals. Thanks to our user-friendly onboarding, you won’t have any problems using our software and your employees’ transition will be quick and easy. 

Our solutions have been lauded with ratings of “Best in usability” and “Most helpful support”.

A winning combination of software and hardware solutions

A winning combination of software and hardware solutions

Our workforce management solutions can cover a wide range of business needs, thanks to our unique software and hardware technologies. We’re able to provide our own proprietary terminals for clocking in and out, along with additional hardware for different time, attendance and access control setups. 

We also offer various software deployment options, whether it be via cloud, on-premises, or a hybrid. Whatever your needs, we'll make sure you get the right solution for you.

Recognized by the Gartner Workforce Management Market Guide

Recognized by the Gartner Workforce Management Market Guide

SPICA has been hailed by Gartner as one of the leading vendors for workforce management for two years in a row: more proof that we’re a reliable partner to help you increase your company’s productivity by creating a modern workplace and digitizing your core HR processes.

Partnerships with renowned global IT vendors

Partnerships with renowned global IT vendors

We have affiliations with global IT partners such as Microsoft, SAP, ORACLE, and others, – for successfully addressing development, deployment, distribution and integration needs of our clients. Recognized as one of the outstanding providers in our field, we’ve successfully completed many challenging workforce management projects in collaboration with our partners.

  • Microsoft’s Partner of the year
  • Certified SAP Partner

ISO Certification

ISO Certification

We hold two ISO certificates. The first is ISO 9001 certificate for quality and innovation and the second ISO 27001 for information security management. Outstanding quality and security are built into all of our solutions.

Case-studies from our happy customers in retail

How Clarus cut their scheduling time in half

''Our goal was to simplify time and attendance tracking and collecting the data for accurate payroll processing.'' Suzana Makivić, HR Director

Clarus is the leading provider of optical supplies and the largest optical centre in Slovenia. They have 34 branches, 145 plus employees, and more than 100 brands of eyeglasses and other optical accessories. 

Clarus uses Spica at their branches for employees to clock in and out. Thus, it’s always clear if the right employees are at the right branch at the right time and who accessed a specific branch. Employees (and their managers) can always see their time and attendance analytics in their mobile app, including their paid presence, lunch breaks, overtime, and vacation days left. Accurate timesheet data can be easily exported and imported in ERP software for automated payroll processing.

+ employees
different schedules

Need a consultant?

The software is very easy to set up, and you can start using it right away to track time, assigning different hourly rates for different types of work.

  • Insight into all the product functions
  • Tailored to your focus
  • Individual advice for you and your team
  • Limit clocking-in to specific GPS zones
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