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SPICA All Hours: Completely stress-free paid implementation

In addition to offering the self-service approach and free onboarding, we also offer a paid, customized implementation of SPICA All Hours.

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We have been in business for over 30 years and know very well that many customers require complex configurations (many different clocking rules, schedules, clocking types, on-site support, hardware implementation, etc.) that require a lot of effort to make everything work perfectly.

We are here to do it all for you, sharing our best practices and supporting you through every step of the implementation process.

We recommend paid custom implementation if you:

Have many different departments and policies
Have multiple locations, perhaps even in different countries (with different regulations)
Want to implement hardware or access-control features
Do not have time to setup things yourself
Need help with advanced setup or integration for automated payroll processing
Typical implementation process for more complex systems

Typical implementation process for more complex systems

The paid implementation process typically includes the following steps:


In this initial phase, our team works with you to understand your organization's specific needs and requirements for the system. We also assess your current time and attendance processes and identify areas for improvement.

Planning and Design

Based on the information gathered in the exploration phase, our team creates a detailed plan for implementation of the system. This plan includes timelines, milestones, and resources required for implementation.

Configuration and setup

Once the plan is approved, our team begins configuring the system and setting it up to meet your organization's specific needs. This includes setting up user accounts, configuring time tracking rules, and customizing reports. During the configuration, your administrators are present to learn how our solutions work and can be customized.

Ongoing Support

After go-live, our team is available to provide ongoing support and troubleshoot any issues. We'll also work with you to schedule regular reviews and updates of the system to ensure it continues to meet the needs of your business.

During the process, we also help you decide whether you should choose a cloud-based, hybrid, or on-premises solution, what hardware you need, etc. It's a customized approach that ensures everything is set up according to your requirements and works perfectly.

The package you get with the paid implementation service

The package you get with the paid implementation service

Our implementation is fast and clearly structured. Here are all the benefits you enjoy when you choose the full implementation service:

Dedicated contact person

Your personal implementation manager will support you during the implementation process via web demos as well as email and phone.

Customized project plan

To help you realize the benefits as quickly as possible, we develop a detailed project plan for your organization.

Complete account setup

From access rules, to work time rules, to approval procedures and reports/payroll, our experts will help you configure SPICA All Hours to meet your unique needs.

Become a Product Expert Training

Training and guidance to ensure you can successfully use SPICA All Hours.

Data Import

We help you import your employee data, hourly balances, leave balances, contact information or RFID cards. We provide standardized Excel templates for data preparation.

Tips & Tricks in SPICA All Hours

We not only help you implement SPICA All Hours, but also provide practical tips to make your daily work smarter and easier to complete.

Customer support is always available to you

You can always opt for guided onboarding.

Our customer support team is available between 8 AM and 4 PM CET at or via the chat box in the app for technical and procedural questions.

Regardless of your support requests, we will contact you periodically to review your account settings. With our account review program, we want to make sure you are getting the most out of your account.

Book a consultation with one of our experts and request more information about the type of paid implementation and customization we offer.

Here’s what our customers are saying:

We got all the support we needed to automate complex time and attendance processes and come up with an adequate solution for all types of our challenges. 

Vanja Grčević, HR at BIMAL

"During implementation Spica's experts identified a potential security flaw in our infrastructure that we would probably never have spotted and fixed it on their own initiative. That's the kind of proactive partner every company could wish for.”

Yaskawa Manager

"We would like to compliment SPICA's remote support service. They are really responsive. We receive the first reply within 15 minutes to half an hour, sometimes even sooner. And we get all the answers in one day" 

Ana Ličer, SmartIS

“Branch managers used an online application to plan the schedules, however its use became complex and slow with an increased number of schedules and exceptions. That is why we were looking for a solution in the form of a special-purpose application, which we found with the help of our technology partner, Spica."

Dejan Smrdelj, Retail specialist, Big Bang

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