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Simple staff scheduling on an interactive calendar

All Hours is a popular time and attendance tool that lets users easily and conveniently clock-in and out of their shifts. Managers get access to a calendar view of absences and shifts so they can easily plan and schedule the work of their teams.

Schedule workers with ease

• Automatic staff schedules
• Manage absences and shifts
• Insert shifts directly into the calendar


The four main reasons to use All Hours

All Hours is a user-frinedly leave management solution that helps you to reduce the time and costs accociated with leave management. It currently has 5,000+ users in organizations of all sizes.

Plan each day in advance and manage exceptions

Plan out each day in advance on the calendar or override particular shifts and let All Hours automatically fill the rest.

Automate your shifts

Define the rules for the morning, afternoon, and night shifts.
Each employee will be assigned a schedule automatically based on their arrival to work.

Employee self-service

Employees can request absences on their own. Managers approve and reject absences directly from the calendar.
It’s easy to see who will be absent and when so you’re never short on staff.

Time attendance and payroll processing

Your employees can clock-in at the start of every shift at a GPS geolocation or at a designated time clock terminal. 
Export timesheets for seamless payroll processing.

Don't hesitate, try before you buy.

Try out All Hours for 14 days and decide if it's a good fit for your business. 
No credit card required, cancel any time. 

Set staff schedules – and forget about them

Set staff schedules – and forget about them

All Hours supports an infinite number of schedules called Time Policies. These are groups of rules that define everything from required presences to the daily plan of required hours for each employee.

All Hours can even automatically select the correct Time Policy based on when employees arrive to work. 

This is popular in production and hospitality industries where workers usually work a morning, afternoon, and night shift. Such companies can have several hundred employees and rely on this system for accurate payroll as All Hours automatically assigns the correct ruleset to employees without any intervention from managers and administrators.

Some of our smaller customers like mom-and-pops stores, hairdressers, restaurants and other businesses with clear-cut morning and afternoon shifts love this automation as well.

Plan absences – right on the calendar

Plan absences – right on the calendar

Your managers can check upcoming absences with a calendar view that gives them a clear picture of who will be missing when, and which absences they can approve or reject.

Employees are notified of these decisions in the app and via email so everyone is on the same page and the entire process is clear and transparent.

Plan out special situations, automate the rest

Plan out special situations, automate the rest

All Hours is all about automation, but eventually somebody needs to step in and make some decisions. Your managers can check their staff’s schedules and make changes where necessary – again using a simple calendar view. 

It’s not necessary to plan each day in advance, as All Hours can do that automatically. Managers just need to step in where it matters most and make overrides where necessary. That means an employee can be left with their default schedule for the entire month but that one special day or week can easily be planned for with a few clicks.

More complex cases?
Consider them covered.

The All Hours online time clock encourages the growth of your company, and can support even the most complex time and attendance cases. You can set up different rules for different teams, delegate approvals, and set up who can access specific data.

Plan each and every day with ease

Plan each and every day with ease

It’s possible to plan each and every day in advance. You can assign shifts for the entire month for several employees at a time. You can cherry pick the exact days you need to schedule, or you can revert them back to automatic shift selection at any time.

This means your managers can easily control their workforce on the calendar while employees can see their assigned schedules on the web or mobile app.

Plan for the future, control the past

Plan for the future, control the past

Just select the days you want to override and apply your staff schedules. This can also be done retrospectively, and All Hours will recalculate all the bonuses and counters for those days based on employee attendance.

This is very important for smaller businesses with more flexible schedules. For example, you need to make sure a day of absence is calculated differently than a shorter shift worked on the same day so payroll data is correctly calculated.

It’s very easy to find such cases on the calendar, swap the workers’ schedules, and get on with more important tasks.

Time & Attendance & Payroll Export

Time & Attendance & Payroll Export

Like any good time and attendance system, All Hours calculates all of your paid presences, paid absences, and all other bonuses, such as overtime and night hours, so you are ready for payroll.

Employees clock-in and out on their mobile phones, the web app, or at dedicated time terminals. Calculation rules for bonuses are applied automatically or as your managers schedule them.

All time and attendance data is available as customizable timesheets that can be adjusted to your exact needs and exported for payroll processing and reporting.

What our customers are saying

All Hours is easy to use, straightforward, and very handy. My employees find it as a handy solution for registering working hours, no matter where they are. On my side of things, calculating wages has become a breeze.

David S., Managing Director

All Hours is accessible from anywhere. It’s user-friendly and has different modes of clocking in and out which is very convenient especially on mobile phones. We also use All Hours to track working locations of employees. And the customer support is very patient and vigilant.

Walled M., Accounting Manager

All Hours functionalities cover our entire employee spectrum – administrative staff, off-site maintenance team, and sales team. The mobile application is of the greatest importance to us as it enables us to easily track off-site work hours.

Srecko V., Managing Director

I would recommend All Hours for its usefulness, convenience, and simplicity. I am especially happy with the quick help from the support team. We regularly use All Hours excel exports to prepare wages.

Slavi P., Business Rep

All Hours is terrific. Very convenient, efficient, and great way to easily keep track of employees’ hours. It solved the tedious compilation of hours for payroll.

Lisa P, Office Manager

All Hours is a friendly and easy-to-use check-in/out solution. It was very easy to set up All Hours and train the team. The solution comes with geofencing and Bluetooth beacon check-in options, plus you can check in using Andriod, iPhones, Web, and other options.

Maan A., IT Portfolio Manager

Save time and money.
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Try out All Hours for 14 days and decide if it's a good fit for your business. 
No credit card required, cancel any time.