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Professional solution for a fixed assets audit

Easily manage your fixed asset inventory, streamline reporting and save thousands each year.

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Main features

Start optimizing your audit today

Frontman FIND helps you optimize all processes required for accurate and timely audit of fixed assets

Fixed asset audit

 With Frontman FIND you can quickly and accurately audit your fixed assets using mobile devices, access powerful reporting tools, and easily integrate with your ERP.

 Professional services

Need help with onboarding? Our team of experienced professionals can help you configure Frontman FIND to your needs and advise you on the audit process.

Enterprise ready

If you are a large enterprise and prefer to host our solution on your own infrastructure we got you covered.

Power up your assets audit

Power up your assets audit

Stay up to date with the status of your fixed assets and reduce the costs and time required to perform a yearly audit.

Barcode and RFID tracking
Description: Use our mobile or web app to audit assets by location, cost center, assigned persons, and more.
Real-time inventory results
See inventory progress in real-time and coordinate audit activities with ease.
Rich statistics and reports
Leveraging advanced filtering and search options will give you an intelligent view of your fixed assets status and history.
Go beyond basic assets audit

Go beyond basic assets audit

Enjoy advanced features that will satisfy the most demanding business needs.

Flexible integration options
Use our API to integrate with your ERP provider or other in-house software you already use for asset management.
Advanced workflow and permission engine
Define multiple user profiles with unique sets of permissions and workflows for hassle-free audit.
Enjoy many other powerful features
Bulk assets and location import, asset write-off proposals, audit comments, audit history, CSV/Excel export, and much more.

See Frontman FIND out yourself

Frontman FIND has got everything you need for a smooth, error-free, and fast electronic fixed asset audit. Try it out yourself as personal experience matters the most.

Case-studies from our happy customers in retail

How Clarus cut their scheduling time in half

An important part of workforce management software for retail is managing leave and absences. With our solution, you can easily track all types of leave; including annual leave, sick leave, public holidays, private or unpaid leave, or the usage of surplus hours. In addition, you can easily approve and reject requests for vacation and other absences.

Suzana Makivić, HR Director
''Our goal was to simplify time and attendance tracking and collecting the data for accurate payroll processing.'' Suzana Makivić, HR Director

Clarus uses Spica at their branches for employees to clock in and out. Thus, it’s always clear if the right employees are at the right branch at the right time and who accessed a specific branch. Employees (and their managers) can always see their time and attendance analytics in their mobile app, including their paid presence, lunch breaks, overtime, and vacation days left. Accurate timesheet data can be easily exported and imported in ERP software for automated payroll processing.

+ employees
different schedules
Product range for fixed assets audit

Optimize your audit with state of the art products

Improve inventory efficiency with advanced readers, technologically sophisticated printers and affordable supplies.

Mobile terminals

Compact version for standard applications

Barcode readers

Compact version for standard applications


Compact version for standard applications


Compact version for standard applications

How can we help?

Each customer has its own wishes and requirements. Together, we can find the right solution to help you reach your goals and stay within your financial framework..

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