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Time & Attendance Cloud Systems - Improve your company's productivity

Time & Attendance Cloud Systems and productivity
Nina Janza
Nina Janza
5 minute read

At Spica, we have more than 30 years of experience implementing time tracking and time & attendance solutions, including on-prem, cloud, and hybrid options. Our solutions are utilized by more than 1 million satisfied customers around the globe.

Time and time again we have seen that, even when management sometimes is reluctant to implement digitalized time and attendance systems, if the time clock is introduced in the right way to employees, it’s a complete win-win situation.

It brings a transparent, fair, complaint and hassle-free HR environment to employees and much better HR analytics for managers, as well as easier absence management and staff scheduling, better employee and team performance, and much more.

In this blog post we want to focus on how implementing time management cloud solutions like All Hours and My Hours can help improve your company’s productivity.

1. Time & Attendance cloud solutions are the future

The majority of software solutions are migrating to the cloud, and cloud-based time clocking is no exception. 

There are many reasons (benefits) for such a paradigm: updates, security, availability, backups and all other considerations regarding hardware and software are taken care of by the software as a service vendor.

There’s no need for a company server, dedicated IT department, or security system, and no installations, no infrastructure, and no maintenance, which are huge benefits. Software, data, configurations, and everything related to those aspects is provided and managed by the software vendor.

In addition, cloud solutions are accessed via a desktop browser or mobile application, basically from anywhere and anytime. 

Cloud-based attendance systems are usually subscription-based, and can be much more cost efficient (no upfront investment needed) than on-prem or hybrid solutions.

The cloud can thus definitely help companies to become more productive. Now let’s move on to some other concrete productivity benefits of time & attendance cloud systems.

2. Reduced administration for managers and employees

Your employees shouldn’t have to worry about the time-consuming administrative processes that go on in your daily business. Even less to do such processes manually.

Give them the chance to focus on the tasks that are the most valuable and let an automated time & attendance system like All Hours take care of your HR administration.

Managing employee timesheets manually takes a lot of your time and attention. Automating this very basic HR process will save you and every one of your employees more than a couple of hours every month.

All Hours collects real-time data with an easy-to-use mobile app. Real-time data also helps you make better decisions, gives you an overview of your company, and saves you time and money.

3. Improved motivation in employees

Better time management and more transparent data help employees understand how they contribute to the business results of your company.

With All Hours and My Hours, you and your employees will know exactly how time is used at work. With one clock you can get answers to all your questions, such as:

  • Whether someone was late to work or not,
  • who is in the office at the moment,
  • how much time was spent on a particular project,
  • whether employees worked on the most important tasks,
  • whether there are any deviations in absences etc.

A clear and accurate representation of the time spent at work will give your employees the chance to be more efficient. 

After the Covid-19 outbreak, employee motivation will be even more important. Let your employees know how essential they are for the success of the company, back your claims with time management data, and acknowledge the most efficient and productive workers.

With a mobile time & attendance system, it is also much easier to implement flexible working policies like flexitime and remote work.

4. Better transparency and accountability

Transparent, fair, data-driven companies are the future and implementing All Hours’ time and attendance features helps you to create a working environment that reflects these values.

Late arrivals and early departures negatively impact employee motivation and culture in a company. 5 minutes per day in a 5-day work week will result in more than 21 hours being lost at the end of the year, and people who are always late can have a big negative impact on those who arrive on time.

However, there is no need for restrictions and repercussions when employees can track their own hours. 

Your employees will manage their time effectively if you provide them with the right set of tools. Simple and accurate time tracking creates the opportunity to be accountable for your time.

This also incentivizes employees to be more rational with their time, and helps them understand how they spend their day. 

Modern systems like All Hours also prevent “buddy punching”, as clocking is recorded with the smartphone app using employees’ time and location.

5. Business intelligence and integrations

Successful managers rely heavily on easily accessible and relevant data to raise productivity and efficiency in their business. Success lies in knowing how your employees’ hours are spent. HR analytics is becoming more and more popular in data-driven companies.

All Hours and My Hours enable you to track the time spent on activities and individual projects. All the data is graphically presented and can be accessed through exports and via APIs.

You can track absenteeism, incidents, and work productivity, as well as compare data and integrate it with business intelligence tools like Microsoft Power BI or Google Data Studio.

All Hours and My Hours’ integrations and APIs enable you to easily manage your company’s work time data, and help you analyze it in a simple, clear way. 

Know where the time leaks in your company are, fix them with ease, and raise productivity in the process.

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