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Automated reporting - Automate your time and attendance reporting

Automated reporting  - Automate your time and attendance reporting
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Automated reporting is a very useful tool in SPICA’s workforce management solutions that helps automate and optimize the time and attendance reporting process. 

This feature enables the effortless creation and regular sending of comprehensive reports to individuals or groups detailing working hours, overtime balances, break times and other records.

The key benefits of automated reporting

The key benefits of Automated reporting available in SPICA’s workforce management solutions are:

  • Time efficiency: You can automate the sending of reports, freeing up valuable time to focus on other tasks.
  • Compliance: Legislation in some countries requires regular time and attendance reports so that employees know their balances. So, with this feature, you can ensure that all required records are included in your reports.
  • Customizable reports: You can adapt the reports to your needs and select which data they should contain.
  • Flexible scheduling: You can adjust the frequency of report output to suit your business cycle.

Only operators and administrators with report creation access can set up this task. They can create automated reporting tasks in a few simple steps. The reports can be sent to specific departments or groups of employees, such as accounting or sales representatives.

How to start using Automated reporting?

If you are our existing customer, you can easily set up reports tailored to the needs of individuals or groups. You simply select the type of report and the data included, set time periods, select recipients (who will receive the report by email) and determine the frequency.

All our paying customers automatically receive 10 free automatic reports per month. If you are not yet a customer of ours, please take part in our free trial. This feature can save you time and ensure timely delivery of important time and attendance reports.

Automated reporting is a cost-effective, efficient and compliant way to manage time and attendance reporting. It is an essential tool for organizations looking to streamline their time and attendance processes while ensuring regulatory compliance (if required in your country).

Get started now and experience the convenience and benefits first hand. 

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