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Custom development of time and attendance and access control solutions

Custom development of time and attendance and access control solutions
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Time and attendance tracking and access control are the two main processes that are closely linked to many other processes in the company, such as scheduling, lunch management, payroll calculation, travel order processing, field work and more.

Modern companies require a robust, integrated time and attendance tracking and access control solution. A modern solution such as Spica's offers much more than simple "clocking in and out" as it supports all modern work practices from working flexible hours to working from home, while at the same time enabling digitalization of processes such as work planning as well as absence, overtime and business travel management.

All this contributes to a transparent and modern business environment where employees are happy and productive. But we can take one step further. As a leader in time and attendance tracking and access control solutions in the region, Spica carries out tailored development and thus digitalization of closely linked processes for many companies, contributing to even greater productivity and employee satisfaction.

Here are some specific examples: An integrated lunch management solution, travel order solution, freight scheduling solution, or, for example, workplace adjustments for every employee at Yaskawa.

Want to know more? Let's take a look at some specific ideas and examples indicating where time and attendance tracking and access control can be integrated with other company processes and systems.

Integration with ERP, HRM and other information systems

Most often, Spica's solutions are integrated with systems that are related in terms of content, such as payroll programs, HR records, etc. The most basic example of this is the integration for the purposes of automatic payroll calculation based on time and attendance tracking. If customer needs are broader, communication can also be established with warehouse, production or retail management platforms.

Each Spica's solution can be connected via API to other systems such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Pantheon, Vasco, Cadis, Agitavit,... Integration between systems enables the exchange of data in real time or at set intervals, depending on when the data is acquired and when it needs to be accessed.

Do you have ideas of similar integrations? Contact us.

A single ID card for all the company needs

Spica's solution enables the identification of a person with the help of an RFID ID card (as well as key fobs, mobile identities, etc.) and the management of various accesses and processes, such as:

  • time and attendance tracking (when using  terminals, if clocking in on the phone is not possible),
  • access control,
  • central printing,
  • lunch management,
  • use of self-service food kiosks ("vending machines"),
  • use of personal lockers,
  • obtaining information from InfoZone information kiosks,
  • use of company libraries; and
  • for other similar purposes.

RFID technology offers even more possibilities for the digitalization of processes, such as:

  • parking,
  • dispatch of uniforms to the laundry and back; and
  • other similar processes and tasks performed by employees.

Using RFID technology allows companies to automate these processes, leading to better tracking and greater efficiency. In order to be as practical as possible, we invite you to learn how Yaskawa uses a single ID card for all the needs of their factory employees, including workplace adjustments.

By using other technologies such as tablet recognition technology, mobile identity, etc., Spica's solutions make it easier to keep track of travel orders, cargo entrances, truck scheduling and other processes. There are many opportunities to achieve digitalization and raise productivity in companies.

Do you have any additional ideas on what internal services could be provided to employees with the help of an ID card? Contact us.

Focusing on the user experience, intuitiveness and flexibility

When it comes to tailored development, our key strength is careful selection of core solution functionalities to ensure an exceptional user experience (UX) and intuitiveness. Customized modules are integrated and connected with the core time and attendance tracking and access control solution. Based on modules, we also build a marketplace that allows for modular building of the optimal solution that fits your needs.

At the same time, by using the API architecture and modules that are tailored to the needs of individual customers, we give our customers more freedom to develop and implement our solutions. This way you're never limited to just our solutions and services, but can often develop them on your own or with the help of your own software suppliers.

Solutions tailored to your company needs

For many companies, Spica has developed additional individual solutions based on their internal needs or the specific nature of the industry, geographical distribution of the offices or use of other internal software solutions. This way, we help the major companies on their way to digitalization and fulfill the most demanding individual requirements.

If you have an idea for your own solution and processes based on time and attendance tracking and access control, we would be happy to meet with you to further discuss the topic and the options of developing a new tailored solution. Our expertise and experience will help you in creating the best possible solutions for your company, enabling better management and greater efficiency.

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