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SPICA has received the Validated Partner Certification from Zebra

SPICA has received the Validated Partner Certification from Zebra
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Zebra Technologies is known world-wide for its robust line of mobile computers, barcode scanners, printers and other enterprise hardware solutions. Zebra Technologies hardware is designed to withstand the rigors of harsh operating environments, making it a preferred choice in a variety of industries.

Spica Android Time Terminal can turn any Android device with an NFC reader into a time clocking terminal. 

Since the Zebra hardware is Android based, the SPICA All Hours time and attendance solution can run on the selected Zebra hardware, such as mobile computers and tablets (CC6000, ET40 / ET45, TC21 / TC26, TC52x / TC57x, TC72, MC22/MC27, MC33x). 

The app is certified by Zebra and can be added via Zebra’s Marketplace (and is also available in the Google Play Store for all Android devices).

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This integration redefines the way organizations manage their time and attendance by leveraging Zebra’s robust hardware and Android platform. 

Employees can now capture their time and attendance data directly on the device they are working with.

Unifying workforce management and optimizing operations

SPICA All Hours is a state-of-the-art time and attendance management solution that makes it easy for organizations to record and analyze employee time data. The integration means that SPICA All Hours can now be accessed and managed directly on Zebra's robust hardware.

This fusion not only simplifies operational processes, but also increases productivity by enabling seamless management of employee presence. The use of both technologies is a step towards a connected and efficient workplace that leverages the strengths of SPICA’s solutions and Zebra's robust, reliable hardware.

No need for additional hardware costs

Integrating SPICA solutions with Zebra hardware not only streamlines operations but is also a cost-effective choice for businesses. 

One of the key benefits of this integration is that there is no need to purchase additional hardware (although Spica’s clocking terminals can be added to the setup). Zebra's robust and versatile hardware works seamlessly with SPICA All Hours, eliminating the need to invest in new equipment.

This not only lowers operating costs, but also simplifies setup, making it an economical and efficient solution for modern workplaces looking to improve their time and attendance management.

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