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SPICA's Door Cloud Featured on Microsoft Azure Store

SPICA's Door Cloud Featured on Microsoft Azure Store
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We are pleased to announce that SPICA's innovative cloud access control solution Door Cloud has been recognized as one of the featured apps in the Microsoft Azure Store. This listing underscores Door Cloud's importance in the security space and highlights its capabilities and the trust it enjoys within the technology and security community.

Developed by SPICA, Door Cloud is a pioneer in the field of cloud access control solutions, providing a seamless and secure way to manage access authorizations for various facilities. The integration with Microsoft Azure underlines the reliability, scalability and advanced security measures used to protect users and data.

The Microsoft Azure Marketplace is known for its rigorous selection process, which ensures that only the most competent and reliable applications are made available to its users. Door Cloud, being one of the top apps in the security category is a testament to Door Cloud's excellence and its alignment with the highest standards for cloud-based solutions.

Door Cloud feature highlights:

  • Mobile first: Door Cloud is designed as a "mobile first" solution that enables a smooth transition from traditional cards to mobile access, supporting both simultaneously.
  • Key Link: Users can grant access via a simple web link that does not require an app or registration. This is ideal for temporary access, e.g. when renting out apartments or managing guests.
  • Visitor management: Supports management of ad hoc and invited visitors, logging of visits and the ability for guests to use their cell phones for access via key links.
  • Alarms and incidents: Features a comprehensive alarm management system for handling security events with customizable response times and workflow management for incidents.
  • Integrations: Provides a full-featured API for integration with various systems such as time and attendance, video surveillance and more, with support for "zero coding" platforms such as Zapier.
  • Controller and wide lock compatibility: Compatible with standard electric locks and a wide range of barriers, gates and doors without the need for special "smart locks".

For organizations looking to improve their security infrastructure, Door Cloud is a robust option that leverages the power of cloud technology to provide flexible, efficient and secure access control solutions.

Its presence on the Azure Marketplace not only makes the solution easily accessible to a wide range of users, but also provides the assurance of compatibility and support from one of the world's leading cloud platforms.

More information

To explore more about Door Cloud, visit the Microsoft Azure Marketplace or Door Cloud Website.

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