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Everything you need to know about our integration with SAP

Everything you need to know about our integration with SAP
Blaz Kos
7 minute read

Integrations are an important part of any good workforce management platform. Among the most important integrations in this area are those with HRM (Human Resource Management) and HCM (Human Capital Management) software solutions.

The workforce management solution Time&Space from SPICA has a module that enables smooth and reliable integration with SAP HCM called SuccessFactors. 

In addition, Time&Space has a certified module for integration with SAP ERP, which is a proof of the quality and reliability of the service.

Why is the integration needed?

HRM/HCM software provides an integrated suite of technologies that enable organizations to manage employees from hiring through retirement. 

This includes managing data related to payroll and HR analytics, where time and attendance are key input data. Since HRM/HCM solutions perform many tasks, they usually do not offer comprehensive or only very simple solutions for time and attendance.

For this reason, many companies use a specialized, comprehensive time and attendance solution in combination with HRM/HCM software.

A specialized workforce management suite comes with clocking terminals, a powerful and customizable data processing engine, and more. When you integrate the two, you can save many labor hours and automate many processes. Let us see how.

How the integration with SAP works?

Time&Space logs all events related to an employee's working hours and task completion, acting as a perfect data source for payroll. 

Besides registrations, core data from HR is also synchronized with Spica to avoid duplicate entries and ensure consistency between systems. The integration enables easy data transfer between business solutions and provides a seamless user experience.

There are two types of SAP integration with Time&Space:

1. Synchronizing clocking data from Time&Space to SAP

SAP is the source of data on employees and organizational structure. Both are synchronized with Spica. In the opposite direction, raw clocking data are transmitted into SAP. 

Scheduling, approvals, accounting, and reports are generated in SAP, and SAP provides calculated ratios, such as daily balance and vacation quota. Both are available to employees at the registration terminals.

2. Importing processed data from Time&Space to SAP

In this case, Time&Space processes the raw data according to the rules and schedules set in Spica for each employee. In Time&Space, different schedules, special circumstances, overtime work, bonuses, reimbursements, and other legal requirements are defined. 

Final payroll data are transferred to SAP and SAP makes the final payroll accounting.

Spica SAP Integration

The main benefits of integration

The benefits of integrating Spica Time&Space and SAP are numerous. SPICA Time&Space has reliable and robust hardware (time clocks) for accurate clocking data. It also has a powerful engine for processing payroll data that can be easily transferred to SAP (or any other system). 

You get a specialized, customizable and robust solution combined with more general software.

The main benefits are:

  • Increased productivity is achieved through intelligent workforce scheduling, data collection, overtime management, project and job costing, and business intelligence.
  • Compliance is ensured through Time&Space's rules-based engine, which notifies users when deviations occur.
  • Better control and more freedom are achieved by working with multiple interfaces, such as web, mobile and time clocks.
  • Payroll is streamlined through seamless integration.

You can save hundreds of hours, effort and headaches with this integration.

Companies that use Spica Time&Space integration with SAP

There are many companies who already successfully use Time&Space integration with SAP. Among the satisfied customers are:

  • Socotab
  • ZumtobelGroup
  • Iskra Mehanizmu
  • Slovenske Železnice (Slovenian Railways)
  • Pošta Slovenije (Slovenian Post)
  • Gorenje
  • University of Ljubljana
  • SPAR Hrvaška
  • Kolektor
  • Intereuropa
  • Domel
  • AlbChrome
  • and many others

A few thoughts from users of the integration:

»The SAP integration functions as additional resources in our HR department; although the company is growing very fast, work can be done with the same HR team. SPICA turned out to be a very cooperative business partner, offering professional support throughout the entire project. Furthermore, the system maintenance they provide is essential for our company, since we manage a lot of stores and keep opening new ones.«

Helena Šubelj, HR Manager, SPAR Slovenija

»Two most important requirements in this project were the integration with SAP HR and a short response time in case of incidents. SPICA team easily met both of them.«

Petra Furlan Dodič, HR Manager, Intereuropa

If you use SAP or plan to do so and you are looking for a powerful and user-friendly workforce management solution, you should take a look at Time&Space

Take advantage of a variety of features and benefits that help organizations increase productivity, ensure compliance, gain better control over their time management, and streamline payroll. 


More about SAP

SAP is the world's leading enterprise resource planning software vendor.

SAP ERP is an enterprise resource planning software suite that helps companies manage various aspects of their business operations, including finance, logistics, human resources and more. It offers a centralized database and a suite of applications that help companies digitize and automate their business processes and better leverage data and insights.

SAP SuccessFactors is a leading suite of cloud-based talent management and human capital management (HCM) software. With SAP SuccessFactors, companies can manage various aspects of HR operations, including recruitment, employee performance, HR analytics, payroll and learning activities.


More about SPICA Time&Space

Time&Space from Spica is a reliable, scalable and proven enterprise-grade workforce management and access control system. Time&Space is a fully integrated system that provides a complete solution for workforce management, including access control, staff scheduling and working time management.

The system allows the definition of various working schedules and rules for monitoring time and attendance, as well as access control profiles. It also enables the tracking of absenteeism and the planning of working hours to ensure the optimum use of time. The system is modular and offers a client-server or hybrid architecture with web access or desktop clients.

The SPICA Time&Space solution is characterized by its flexibility and scalability, making it suitable for a wide range of companies and organizations, regardless of their size and geographical distribution. Users can be found in all industries - from manufacturing, energy and mining to retail, finance, hospitality, healthcare and government.

Why is the integration of Time&Space and SAP the right choice for your business environment?

  • SAP certified interface
  • Spica’s 30 years of experience guarantees reliability
  • A flexible system that can be adapted to your business needs
  • Optimum price performance ratio
  • Customizable solution

Looking for more information?

You can get more information at the following links:

You can also book a demo with one of our workforce management experts.

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